Where Is Your Trust?


Last night I had a chat with a dear friend of mine. She is a woman of Faith and has influenced my spiritual journey in many ways. We spoke about life and shared our progressions on our dreams. I mentioned to her that I wanted to revisit with our medium friend to get a little clarity on the direction in my personal life. While I’m clear on my mission and my purpose, the space of intimate relationship has been very hectic with many mixed emotions. She informed me that she was not planning on seeing Pamela for a very long time. I was surprised to hear the reason why.

Trust Inner Guidance

During her last visit, Pamela asked my friend “Where is your Trust? Where is your Faith?” All confused she answered I have Faith, a very strong Faith. “Then show it”, said Pamela. “Do what you know is right. Do what you must do. Even if every single person tells you that you are wrong, show your Faith and follow your guidance”. Wow! I thought to myself. Then I thought about my own journey. Walking in guidance and light can feel scary at times. Usually, we have no physical assurance,  just a feeling deep inside of us. Sometimes it’s a little voice in our head providing clarity. Our Egos have the tendency to put up monkey chatter and to create perspective that might look safer, easier, and more financially attractive but we must be courageous to walk in Faith leaving the illusions of Ego behind. That kind of Universal Trust can be only developed by doing what is right for our eternal progression, going beyond fear, and choosing The Light. We can never become our fullest potential without exercising our Faith and following the Universal Guidance even in the hardest times and darkest alleys.

Follow your light!
Much Love,

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