What Doesn’t Contribute Eliminates

Happy Labor Day beloved friends! Today I want to share with you the Universal Law that speaks about contribution.

The Law States, “What doesn’t contribute Eliminates.”

This universal law is in everything. Every Thing that is within us and outside of us. We experience this law daily in nature, in cosmos, in people, and even inside of our own body.

Everything Contributes.


Everything in nature contributes to evolution and growth of other living things. Water contributes to plants. Plants contribute to animals and people. Every Thing and Every One is a contributing part of the Universe. The moment something stops contributing it deteriorates everything around it. The Universe eliminates and replaces none contributor with another contributing element.

Contribution in Cosmos.

black hole

In Cosmos, for example, Black Holes in the center of galaxies accrete matter. As the matter falls into the black hole it releases energy. Active Galactic Nuclei uses that energy to power jets that are powerful outbursts of radiation into space. If the source of matter dies out the black hole stops accreting. Now Jet has no energy source and turns off as well. When jets eject radiation and matter into the Galaxy that effects how the next generation of stars form. New planets that may have the life.

Contributing People.


People wake up every morning to contribute with their work, service, mission. Life of one individual effects lives of thousands of people. A doctor heals many. A serve puts the smile on faces of thousands of people. A clerk makes sure that everything runs smoothly.
I believe parenting is the most contributing task of all.

The universe provides for those who contribute. The more people you affect with your contributions the more Universe contributes to you.

Think of all the ways you contribute to this world. You are magnificent! Think of all the ways you want and can contribute. Maybe today is the day to start.

Happy Labor Day!

Much Love,


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