We The People (inside the politics)

We The People

We The People

Last week I spent two days discussing politics with people who are very involved. I was disappointed to hear the ugly truth, but I wasn’t surprised. There were two main points that I walked away with.

  1. Politics has nothing to do with my own well being. And it has nothing to do with your well being, financial success, or overall happiness.
  2. Fear and Darkness are dominating Politics right. Politics needs Light.

If we want this to change, We The People will have to step up. Our collective consciousness is what matters. Our collective consciousness can move the country into the Dark or into the Light.

Some campaigns are solidly based on fear. They speak to our dark side, to our shadow. They build on separation, hatred, prejudice, preying on a mindset of scarcity. Fear and ignorance are what feeds that scarcity and gives it power. Anyone using this fear and darkness to run for the highest office of this great nation, a nation that values freedom above all else, must be stopped. We The People stand for Freedom. There is no freedom in fear.

We the people starts with I The Man or Woman

Change – whether it’s for peace, love, oneness, or anything good – starts with you. It will take one person at a time to create a ripple effect and collectively a tsunami to wash away the darkness and fill the void with light.

When we become conscious beings, when we awaken, the world within us changes and so does the world around us. We become beautiful and so much more powerful. We contribute to the world on a whole new level. We help more causes, touch more people, and enrich many more lives.

To improve the world, we must unlearn fear

Death resized

Love is who we are. Hate is what we learn. We learned to cheat and lie, to hurt others in order to survive because we were afraid. We must unlearn these negative traits and remove the darkness in our soul. This is the only way we can come back home. Come back to our consciousness of love. That place within us that we forgot and left abundant. That spiritual temple within that is filled with love, hope, belief, and light.

Be The Light, Be The Change.

Much Love,


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