War and Peace – What Side Are You On

War and Peace
War or Peace.”Why is there so much hatred in the world? Why do people need to kill? Why can’t nations and communities and ethnic groups live in harmony with each other? Why does everyone think they’re better? That their God or church or religion is better? That their way of life is better?” We are all Human. http://youtu.be/ShttAt5xtto

Independent Thinkers

It will take one loving and courageous individual at a time to shift that kind of thinking. Today, more than ever, we need people to think and choose for themselves. Enough of the collective thinking that keeps us from moving forward. Humans have been bogged down with emotions of anger, fear, and hurt for too long. More war, more fighting, more hate won’t change that.

We’ve been fighting for centuries for a destructive, ruinous, violent “truth” that is only true to a biased, collective group of thinkers. People who can’t reason for themselves and have been programmed to hate, to judge, to fight while taking precious lives based on intolerant views. We have to realize that there will not be a shift in the world until people start choosing to think for themselves and become heroes in their own lives. No government, no religion, no community has the power to save us. No war and no bombing of enemies can make things better. Only We can!

We Must Choose Peace. If only we made an effort to know each other a little better, we might also learn to love each other more and in turn stop killing each other. We see war as an option, but do we really consider the consequences? If you truly contemplate, think about, listen … do you really want to kill that woman or man, that family, that child? Imagine yourself looking into a woman’s eyes and seeing the life drain from her body; and you’re the cause of it. Choosing war is choosing that.

 Pick Your Side

We must pick a side. War or Peace. Which side are you on? My definition of “side” is not Muslims vs Christians, Blacks vs Cops, Russians vs Ukrainians. Today, I’m on the side of all those who choose Peace. And on the other side are all those who do not.

When we Look at the people who changed the energy of the world, we get inspired. Many of those people we will never know, but there are a few that we admire. And deep in our heart we want to find the strength to be more like them. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa are just a few brave souls who went beyond their circumstances to teach Love and Peace and Oneness. Why don’t you? You admire them, read about them. But when the time comes to shine your light, you choose hatred, anger, and fear.

You can choose differently. Find your  place of love instead.  Don’t expand on the negative. Focus on what you can do to make things better. Who can you share your love with? How can you serve more?

Sometimes it takes only one person to choose love instead of violence. To choose to be understanding rather than judgmental. To choose to be in the light and step away from darkness. That one person who shifts the energy of the Earth to Peace can be you. It’s your choice!

May Peace find you.
Much love,

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