Violence- Heal Prejudice World.

Violence has been taken over the country. Events of the past week heightened anger and fear in human hearts. We’ve been witness to extreme violence. Violence that is based on intolerance and bigotry. The violence that emanates from anger, hurt, and separation.

Taking Ownership

The first step to healing a violent world is taking ownership of our part, however small, in making it that way. We are living in a world filled with cruelty driven by hatred and ignorance. And the primary motivator of that cruelty comes from our own beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.

Looking Inward


Look inward. Is there a culture, a gender, a religion, an occupation, a country that you dislike? If so, how can you rage about the world’s injustices while harboring your own prejudices? Heal your own soul first. Recognizing your inner biases and committing to putting in the hard work to change them is something tangible you can do today to make a difference.

May our love be of unconditional abundance for every human on the planet. May we find strength in this turmoil to care for the humanity of every soul.

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