Happy Valentine’s. Ways to make it a Great Day

Valentine's Day

Some people love Valentine’s Day and many more hate Valentine’s Day. Some people are not in a relationship and this is the day to remind them of their lonely existence. Others have a Valentine but the day is just not the way they imagine it. Not romantic enough, roses are not long enough, dinner is not special enough, and the list goes on and on.

Valentine Struggle

I’ve struggled with this holiday for a long time. For years, I would be disappointed. It just never seemed to be right. I remember once I received twelve dozen of gorgeous roses on Valentine’s Day. My whole house was covered in roses. They were beautiful, long, all different colors and they smelled unbelievable. I loved them! The only thing I didn’t like was they weren’t from the man I wanted to receive roses from… The man I wanted to hear from sent me a text of a rose. Woohoo, that sucked!

A Better Way To Celebrate

I had to change my attitude about Valentine’s Day. I had to figure a better way to celebrate it. At the end isn’t Valentine’s Day about LOVE? What I did first was, I changed my expectations into appreciation. I am so blessed to have people in my life I love with all my heart. It is not about that one special person anymore it is about all the special people. And the very special person that I start my celebration with is me. What I do now is I always start a day with an expression of love and appreciation for myself. I do the things that make me happy in the morning. I dress nicely, meditate, make myself a mimosa (instead of a glass of apple cider vinegar water) have a chocolate covered strawberry for breakfast (and not my usual green, healthy breakfast) and make breakfast for those I love most, my family. I cover my son in kisses while waking him up, bring flowers and chocolate for my mother and let the rest of the day to unfold. No matter what happens from that point on my celebration of love has already started and I become a source of Love for all people that I meet. Valentine’s Day isn’t about what we get. It is about appreciation, and what we can give.


Today, let’s share our love for all that matter and all that we can touch.


Much love to you all!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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