Trusting The Universe

Trusting The Universe

This morning I was speaking with my dear friend who asked me a very interesting question: “Svetlana, how did you become so comfortable with the ability to trust?”  (Trusting that the universe is guiding me and watching my back, while walking with confidence towards my dreams)

Illusion Of Control

I vividly remember the day I first realized “the illusion”. I recognized for the very first time that I had virtually no control over the vast majority of situations that occurred in my life. My plans did not matter. The man I planned my life with died. The plans we had outlined for our life no longer existed. The ripple effect of this event forever shifted the direction and the path I would follow.

As human beings we often try to control every little thing in our lives. We make detailed plans that have very little flexibility, virtually no room at all for unexpected events. We plan life for ourselves, our children, and even our partners as if the outcome was guaranteed.  Life however doesn’t work that way!

The Voice Within

There is  often a voice within us that is guiding us to adjust. To move right or left, to slow down or speed up in order to recognize something bigger inside of ourselves. Sadly, our egos are so focused on our goal and so fearful about failing to accomplish that goal that we struggle to hear the gentle voice. Slowly, the gentle voice becomes a little louder and for many people, the “loud roar” is enough to change their direction or modify their plan. Unfortunately,some remain deaf to that voice and completely ignore the warning signs bubbling up from within until “BOOM”, with a giant “CRASH” their life is upside down.

Change Of Plans

Things Happen. Life Happens. Maybe your partner, the love of your life, has left you. The plans you had made together no longer matter. Maybe you were involved in a horrible car accident (not even your fault), but now your priorities have to shift. Maybe your child became a drug addict. The life you envisioned for him or her is taking a completely different and unexpected turn. What if someone you love deeply dies suddenly? In addition to the grief  you also have a completely new set of responsibilities. Life can change in a blink of an eye. Nothing is Permanent.

New Path

Some of the darkest and most painful experiences in our lives can actually become the blessings that allow us to reevaluate our priorities. If we allow ourselves to feel gratitude for the lesson contained within pain we find a deeper meaning for our lives. This will allow us to acknowledge a deeper calling; to recognize the highest energetic spirit of our heart and soul. These are the moments of awakening for many of us, the time where our true meaning and life purpose are revealed. It doesn’t always happen right away. For some people it is a much greater process to “gain awareness”, but it definitely gives each of us a new direction to follow or the inspiration to create a new path.

Trusting The Universe

I completely understand that you might feel  uncomfortable or even frightened when you start walking in a new direction and Trusting The Universe. However, when you open up to sharing your gifts with the world and living life that trully fulfills you trusting  is required. You will have to let go of your illusion of control. Remember, to move forward, you only need to see one step in front of you. Take that step and then trust that The Universe will bring all the necessary pieces together for the next step to unfold beautifully.

Having a goal in life is a good thing. We just need to make sure that the direction we choose to follow is filled with love and not fear. We must accept the unexpected and always be flexible with our plans. Look inside your heart to see what you truly desire. Not the influence of those people around you and their opinions, but YOUR heart’s desire. Choose the direction you want your life to take based upon the love inside of you, and the light that you are meant to share with the world. If that direction can be your career you are BLESSED. If not, then make it your cause, your purpose, your mission. Trust.

Much Love,

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