Veet Mano – Release Repressed Emotions to Heal.

Veet Mano


I was privileged to spend a weekend with one of the top mediums and spiritual teachers of our time – Veet Mano. He is very well known throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union. Veet Mano is recognized as one of the Top Mediums able to communicate with Angels and Entities that have passed over to the other side. He has profound knowledge of unknown circumstances of people’s deaths. His abilities to heal the fatally ill has created a huge following of students from different walks of life. He was on a famous Russian TV Show “Battle of the Mediums” where he left many people in awe.

After two days spent with Mano I took in a great deal of information. I am sure to use it in my personal life and in my practice. Here are my top three “Aha Moments” that I would love to share with you:

1) Veet Mano – “Emotions must be released in order for us to heal.”

During the course of our lives, we experience various positive and negative moments. We build up and retain the memories of those moments.  Sometimes we suffer with the emotions created by negative experiences; such as stress, fear, anger, or guilt. For some people that experience occured in early childhood. On many occasions individual ends up suffering with the memories and emotions associated with that negative experience for the rest of her life. For other people the emotional pain comes from broken relationships or unfulfilled dreams.

Depression, shyness, and lack of sex drive are external expressions of Repressed Anger.

I learned about an amazing technique that was extremely effective to eliminate Repressed Emotions. Screaming out repressed emotions (not at an actual person, but as a therapeutic technique). It releases our built-up energy and begins to heal our body and soul. Today, most people are either taught to suppress or  hide their emotions so they aren’t labeled as damaged. We aren’t taught how to safely express ourselves in a “healthy and productive manner”. Simply put, we don’t even know how to scream effectively. Psychologists primarily work with our minds. However, they often ignore one of the most important elements of human well-being, our ENERGY. I am an example of a typical person that would never yell at someone. I honestly didn’t even know how to truly scream. It actually took me two days to really start experiencing the joy from screaming while releasing the pain. It felt really good!

2) Veet Mano – “Disease comes from our emotional pain that gets stuck and isn’t released.”

Negative emotions that aren’t effectively released turn into disease in order to leave our bodies. Cancer, scoliosis, anorexia, and autism are just a few illnesses that were discussed.
“There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”
When deeply stacked emotions are released, disease can be cured. Many people are angry at themselves, they are in constant struggle “psychologically” with themselves. Most people don’t realize that our Only Purpose In Life Is To Be Happy. All we have to do is cherish our own magnificence and recognize that God is not something outside, God is within each and every one of us.

3) Transformational Healing does occur when these three steps take place:

– Emotional Release through Screaming Techniques
– Love and respect for oneself
– Daily Meditation practice

Our painful memories will get released and a healthy new life filled with goodness will take it’s place.

Here is one of the screaming techniques that you can start using today. Scream for 15 minutes, let your tears come out, continue screaming, beat a pillow and then lay down quietly for 15 minutes. Try it for a week. You will be amazed how much better you  feel and younger you  look.
May you be free!
Much Love,

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