The Memory Of God.

The Memory Of God

“The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. It cannot come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness.” From A Course In Miracles

Inner Chatter.

Our years of inner conflict are exhausting. The constant battle inside our own mind about the choices to make, places to go, directions to pursue, the loves to embrace, and so many more have led to a general feeling of uneasiness. Our internal conversations of comparison, of finding the pros and cons of major life decisions have kept us in a state of contention. We constantly ask ourselves, “Which way should I go? Should I do this or do that?”. We try to find answers within the inner chatter. Yet your soul knows best. And your soul speaks to you. But you can’t hear you soul over the din of your brain.

Meeting The God.

When we are at peace, when we are serene, we can meet with God. Only through remembrance of the Universal Light and the true being that we are can the road ahead be revealed. The knowing comes as a flood. The memory of God, of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, washes over you and the clarity awakens within.

You might believe the gifts of the material world are what you desire. They are a temporary blessings on your life’s journey that can help you grow or limit you in your creativity and freedom. ¬†When you meet with the God you will realize that your feelings about those physical gifts are not nearly as important as the other attributes in your life. The family you create and the relationships you build can make you the wealthiest person alive. The intimacy and trust that you cultivate with your partner will bring the kind of joy and daily happiness into your life that superficial relationships can never provide. And the success that you crave lies in your power to be the one true you and your willingness to live your one true life by giving all of your potential into the world while being one with God.

How to quiet your mind.

Benefits of Meditation

There are many ways to quiet the chatter. Get away. Go on vacation and unplug. Being away from routine day to day tasks can be transformational. For many, it takes a couple of days to unplug. At first your mind continues thinking of work and all the tasks that still need to be accomplished. But several days later, the shift happens and you start noticing the beauty of the world and the images of God all around you. Spiritual workshops, meditation retreats, or silent retreats are all incredible places to go to unplug, recharge, redefine, and reconnect with God and your soul. A day trip into the woods or a walk in a neighborhood while being mindfully present can be just as powerful. Meditation is another great way to listen to God speak to your soul.

Quiet your mind as often as you can. Be tranquil when listening to your inner voice. Spend more time listening to The Universe speaking to you. That is the place of all knowing, love, and gentleness.

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