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The Dreams Course

Download Your Dreams, Create Miracles & Become a Limitless Creator Of Your Life.

Do you feel like you are not where you want to be in you are missing something? You look at other people who have what you want and wonder why it is not you. 

You are a good person, smart, loving, funny, with a charm. You also quite ambitious, you set up goals and achieve them (well, most of the time) You have dreams and you know you are destined for more. You have even read a few self help books, got familiar with the law of attraction, took some programs and seminars, but things somehow have not clicked yet.  

You, friend, are right where all of those missing pieces come together. If you know that you are destined for more, this course is for you.

The dream manifesting workshop was a game changer. The class was challenging for me, (in a good way) and eye opening. How could I get what I want, if I wasn’t putting any time into myself and do the work to make my dreams become reality? Loved Svetlana’s approach, process and knowledge given throughout each class.  

One of my most important dreams recently came true!! And the feeling of obtaining something that is at this magnitude makes life take on a new meaning. It’s the foundation to helping make all the other dreams
fall in place.

Svetlana, I’m forever grateful for you. You are an extraordinary teacher and guide. Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with me. Also, for giving me the right steps to make my dreams come true. 

- Heather, Henderson, LV

This course is for you...

...if you want to know how to ask the Universe so that you receive.

...if you want to take your life to the next level.

...if you want to dream or dream bigger.

...if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life.

...if you want to experience more miracles.

...if you feel like you are a good giver, but not a good receiver.

...if you manifested things in the past but not consistently. 

I took Svetlana's manifestation class!! Taking her class has taught me how to ask the universes/God for my true desires. It has taught me to let go of control And let God make the way for you. She taught me how important it is to be specific of what you ask for, every detail matters. She taught me how to recognize and release my fears so that I can be ready to receive my dreams. Thank you Svetlana for teaching and pushing me to Love myself enough to ask and reach for the stars. I’m so grateful I took this class, I already see my life in a brighter light!

- Kayla, Summerlin, LV

In this 4-week journey you will expand your soul, release your limitations, download your dreams, and learn the rules of manifesting. These rules are the key to your dreams becoming a reality so that you live the life of miracles. 

- We will meet once a week over Zoom for one month. 

- Every class is 2 hours long.

- You will be given a homework that is due 2 days before next class. If the homework is not turned in for two weeks you will not be allowed to continue with a program. Funds for remaining sessions will be returned. 

What Is Included 

  • 5 Live Zoom Sessions
  • E-Mail Homework Support
  • Class Recordings
  • Access to Svetlana

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Classes are on Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm PST

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