The Book Of Life

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The Book Of Life is very different for every person. No one has the same story. Every one of us is different. We came from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different parts of the world. We were offered different opportunities and we experienced different heartaches.

When we look at our past with all its hardships and heartbreaks we often find it difficult to see good in all of it. However, finding the good in All of the life events is one of the most powerful skills a man can develop.

What’s Your story


I truly believe that everyone has a story. A story of hardship. A story about a broken family, an abuser, poverty, disease, death of loved one or something else. I haven’t met any person without a story. Everyone has one.

Most people see their past as something tragic, sad, or bad. They ask God ” Why did it happen to me?” They hold on to the pain of past story unwilling to let it go.

 The Book Of Life

the book of life

When a man realizes that everything in life has happened FOR him and not TO him life truly changes. Learning to see past as a much-needed series of lessons to become a better and more compassionate person is what the struggles are about. Hardships aren’t designed to break us. They are designed to get us to the emotional strength to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Look at the strength that lies within you now!

Seeing good in everything that happened is wisdom. You still can write a happy ending to your book of life. Work on your book and fill it with realized dreams. You are the Divine Miraculous creation that is always guided. Open your ears and eyes to The Universe and start creating the life that YOU truly desire.

Much Love, Svetlana.


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