Suicide – Mind and Spirit.


Suicide has many misconceptions. Many perceive it as a selfish act. Others believe it is a sign of weakness. Every one of us knows someone or knows of someone who took his or her own life. And while suicide perceived as an act of selfishness by so many people it can’t be further from the truth. Today I would like to look at suicide from psychological and spiritual angles.

What’s in the head?


People who take their own lives truly believe that their loved ones, family, friends, and everyone around would be better off without them. They struggled with own darkness, psychic and neurosis for a very long time. The pain built up overtime. While in the dark, emotions such as failure, guilt, unworthiness, and despair drill the mind. No light or love entered consciousness for a long time. One way out of pain that came to mind many times before start looking more as a solution. Exhausted from inner battles a man makes a choice to rid carrying people around and oneself from pain that occupied life for a long time.

What happens to spirit when person commits suicide?


When someone leaves the earth by taking own life he or she stops the life on this planet to only find oneself as alive as ever. Being without body only means the death of the body. Life continues. The form is different and now the spirit sees all the ways, solutions, and decisions that could of been made differently. When person chose to enter the earth plane in order to gain knowledge and experience, to grow and expand one only could accomplish that by going through all of the life. All of the problems, darkness, emotions were a part of the expansion plan of the soul. At the end, the lesson wasn’t learned. The soul haven’t received experiences it came into this earth to get. Expansion didn’t occur. And now the soul has to get on the same or very similar ride and go over similar experiences again.

We made a choice to enter the earth at this time. We picked a form , culture, circumstances that would allow us to gain what we need. Live your life to the fullest, grow into the absolute best version of yourself. Whether you are filled with life’s challenges or turning into the happy territory remember there is much bigger reason and much deeper meaning to everything that is going on in your life.

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