Who knows you Best? Your Soul.

There is only one Being in this world who knows who you truly are, it’s your Soul. (some call it your Higher Self, but it’s the same thing). Your mother doesn’t truly know who you are, and neither does your father. Your friends don’t, and most importantly, you don’t. You often doubt yourself and don’t believe in your immense power.
You consist of seven elements: Your physical body – the flesh and bones. Your Etheric body – the energy force that surrounds you and gives life to your flesh. Your emotional body – the part of you where your feelings and passions are stored. Your mental body – your thoughts. Your “I am”presence – the temporary personality, your ego. Your Higher Self, the permanent personality, the one who knows your heart – your Soul. And the Spirit – the food for your Soul.
Your Soul knows the true you. The love that you are. The light that you were born with, and the courage you possess. In your Soul is the embodiment of your full potential. It contains the knowledge of all of your lifetimes. ┬áIts job is to help you recognize your full potential and manifest itself in this lifetime. When you ask your Soul, “Can I truly be a great mother, husband, an artist, a game changer, the best architect?”, your Soul tells you the truth.
What you truly want is what God wants you to be. The Universe will not instill a deep desire in your heart that you can’t recognize, act on, and become. In other words, the Universe wouldn’t want Kobe Bryan to be Oprah. It wouldn’t imbue a desire to be a writer in the heart of a lawyer. You have desires for a reason. And those desires are gifts that share Universal Love.
When feeling fear, insecurity, anger or any other negative emotion, most people instinctively turn to their mind and emotional body for a solution. And those solutions can result in disaster. “Choose a safe road, don’t risk, put the person in her place, you can’t do that, remember you failed last time” are some of the answers that we receive. Instead of asking your temporary self for a solution, ask your higher self. The answer will be beneficial for you and for others. The easiest way to hear your Soul is through your HEART.
Remember, our life is the reflection of our choices. We make continuous choices throughout the day. Start practicing making choices from your Soul instead of your emotional and mental body. Doing so will bring more joy, more fulfillment, and a deeper spiritual connection. It will open new horizons and new unseen opportunities that can’t be recognized by your limited Ego. Ego has only one purpose, and that purpose is the preservation of self.

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