In-Person Services
Nashville Divine Energy
 Healing Experience
2-3 Hours for $500
In this comprehensive healing session, Svetlana invokes the highest energies of Love, Light, and Healing to channel the healing energy to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each chakra will be opened and balanced, and energy blocks will be processed as necessary, and removed using psychic techniques. Svetlana will use a combination of channeled energies, color, tuning forks, crystals, secret language, and/or dialogue depending on the specific needs of the client.
Inner Child Healing
16-20 Hours for $6,000
Deep healing experience that takes a person into the subconscious and unconscious mind of your inner child. Many limiting beliefs and trauma are created in our childhood. As children, we create many coping mechanisms to survive and strive in life. However, that energy often runs the lives of 40 and 60 year olds and keep them in a personal jail of emotional chaos. 
Mother Child Healing
for $3,500
Transformational healing that connects you to the energy of Divine Mother and the soul of the child. This healing modality is especially helpful to women that had abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, lose of the child or unable to have children. Helpful for moms who have a sick child. This experience can help to heal the pain and void, receive healing, understanding, and meaning. Great for awakened women that want to understand their children's souls.
Online Services 
Distant Healing
2 Hours for $500
Everything in The Universe is Energy, so as you and I. Distant Healing just as powerful as healing in person. When performing distant healing my Higher Self travels to you together with Light Beings, Angels, and Healers. I meet you and your energy field and perform a Spiritual Healing. Before the healing we speak on the phone to set up intention. After the healing we speak again and I share with you the information that I received during the healing.
One-on-One Coaching
1 Hour for $500
Spiritual Coaching - 5 pack
1 Hour for $2,500
Spiritual Coaching - 10 pack
1 Hour for $4,500
Fully Customized Healing/Coaching sessions to help you overcome life challenges, heal past wounds, and move into a brighter future. Please book free introductory session first.

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