How To Release Pain.


How to release pain, hurt, or person is a question that every being wishes to know at some point of his or her life.Releasing a person or a situation into the universe and surrendering personal control can be extremely scary. We feel that if we aren’t in control of our surroundings, then those things will not be fulfilled or resolved. We continue to obsess about our lack of control. It gnaws at us, day after day, like a stabbing pain that we can’t get rid of.

When Holding a Grudge.

We must realize that focusing on something that causes us pain also brings sadness and anger, even depression, into our lives. It poisons our whole being.

How To Release.

If there is a person or situation on which you’ve been holding a grudge, allow the Divine to resolve your torment and ask for healing of your heart. Your Ego wants to hold on, to fight for your truth, to prove something. But your soul wants peace.

Release Prayer.

Release Prayer

“Dear God, I surrender this situation (state your specific situation, person, or condition) to you. I am tired and exhausted from this battle. Please remove it from my life and heal me with light and peace. I trust that whatever the outcome you bring will be the best possible outcome for me. I surrender myself in trust. I love you. Amen.”

That’s it. Now start living your life as a new you. The wise being that cherishes inner peace over the Ego’s desire to be right.

 Story Of Release.

How To Release

I’ve been in a legal fight for truth for over five years. The process was long, draining, hurtful, disappointing, and discouraging. The pain and hatred could have taken over my life if I only allowed the bitterness to flourish. Instead, I chose a path of light, of growth, of spiritual abundance.

There have been days when the feeling of unresolved unfairness would wash over me and lead to sadness. That unsettled situation stayed in the back of my mind to periodically present itself and poison me.

One evening, I was very sad. It was October, and another year was coming to an end. I didn’t want to bring this sorrow into another year of my life. I talked to God. I told Him exactly what I wrote in my Release Prayer. I did not want to battle my truth any longer. I was tired. I surrendered my power and Gave it to the Divine.

Two days later, I received a phone call from my lawyer. It had been almost three years since anything moved forward. After nearly three years of waiting, my attorney informed me that we had won.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Those weren’t tears of excitement, they were tears of gratitude to God, tears of Divine realization. It took me three years of waiting, but it took God just one day. My case was reviewed and the decision was made the very next day after my prayer. More unforeseen miracles and situations happened that same day. It’s a little too much to describe in this post, and maybe too fantastic for many of you to believe.

I’ve experienced many miracles in my life. But this one was the grandest and most unimaginable for me I would say. The unresolved was resolved in less than 24 hours.

There is no order to Miracles. There are no large or small ones.

If there is something, anything that is draining you or turns your heart blue, surrender it to God. Let go of your own desire to control.

Much Blessings and Love To You!


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