Your Healed Wounds are a Gift to Heaven and Earth

For thousands of years women lived in a patriarchal society. We’ve been taught the rules of success and fulfillment by men. 

Look around; notice that the most popular coaches that teach mindset, personal development, relationships, spirituality, and success are men. 

As a result of these teachings women disconnected from their hearts and we no longer trust ourselves and our intuition. Women are chasing masculine terms of success and achievement, striving and pushing rather than receiving and allowing. 

Let me guide you towards your receiving energy so you no longer have to push, stress, and force anything. 

That male energy of forcing, chasing and reaching carries into the relationship with your man, your kids, and your business. This energy emasculates men. It causes stress, arguments, resentment, lack of intimacy, mistrust, cheating, and regrets. 

Women have been told to push, achieve, strive and to compare. And as we did what the world required from us we moved too far away from our truest power.

A true power of a woman lays in her gentle heart, intuition, and her magnetism. A woman intuitively knows the truth, her next step, and the divine timing.  

True feminine nature is the ultimate sense of joy and fulfillment in life. Peace and fulfillment can’t come from the mind! 

A woman is strong. In fact very strong, but her strength differs from the strength of the man. 

Feminine is Healing!

Being a Divine Queen is to create life of a deep love, prosperity, joy, truth, trust, confidence, self respect, and self admiration through Divine Feminine Essence.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you follow your heart even when it doesn’t make sense to your brain?
  • Can you go on vacation and fully unplug without feeling guilty or selfish or as the world will end without your contribution to work? 
  • In the world of harshness can you stay attuned to love?
  • Can you sit with children and do absolutely nothing but just be? 
  • Can you make love and be seen, heard, and admired without feeling insecure about your body, hair, or the way you look? 
  • Can you see the miracle in life with ease? 
  • Can you lead with inspiration and not control?
  • Can you dance, sing, laugh, without need or worry of anyone watching?
The Light Freedom Become a Divine Queen

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This Course is for You:

  • If you are exhausted 
  • If you feel as you are not enough as you are
  • If you want to meet your soulmate
  • If you judge yourself and/or other women 
  • If you feel disconnected from your feminine essence
  • If you have a hard relationship with your mother or no relationship at all
  • If your relationship with your partner or your children is a constant battle
  • If you don’t want to struggle and push hard to feel successful any longer
  • If you want to learn how to be truly attractive 
  • If you want to create a loving intimate relationship 
  • If you want to connect to your true power 
  • If you are done being a victim or tired of waiting for things to change and ready to step into your true power as a Divine Queen
Svetlana Newsome is a Woman of Divine Light.

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