Programming Your Mind at Night

Programming Your Mind

Gabe Sleeping

Start your tomorrow tonight. Program your subconscious every evening before going to bed. Put goodness into your subconscious so it bakes in overnight. The worst thing you can do to yourself is go to sleep worried, stressed, or while negative thoughts circulate within your head. Put your cell phone down 30 minutes before bedtime. Many of you watch TV before bed, and some fall asleep while the TV is on. You might think you are asleep and the TV doesn’t affect you, but you couldn’t be further from truth. Your subconscious mind is the part of you where you do most of your living, and you want to program it for happiness and success. Your subconscious is most active when you are unconscious, when you are asleep. Therefore, you want to be careful how you treat your subconscious, how you program it. You will marinate in whatever thoughts you put into your subconscious for the next eight hours. Be selective in what you inject into it. Place only the good that you want into your imagination, the positive affirmations of yourself. Connect with God, and join in with the Universe.

Nightly Mind Marinade

I have an extensive routine that I change periodically, depending on the day. But this part stays consistent. Let these words be the last thing you pronounce and focus on before falling asleep.


“I know that I am pure spirit, that I always have been, and that I always will be. There is inside me a place of confidence and quietness and security where all things are known and understood. This is the Universal Mind; God, of which I am a part and which responds to me as I ask of it.

This universal mind knows the answer to all of my problems, and even now the answers are speeding their way to me. I needn’t struggle for them; I needn’t worry or strive for them.
When the time comes, the answers will be there.

I give my problems to the great mind of God;
I let go of them, confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.
Through the great law of attraction, everything in life that I need for my work and fulfillment will come to me.
It is not necessary that I strain about this, only believe.
For in the strength of my belief, my faith will make it so.
I see the hand of divine intelligence all about me, in the flower, the tree, the brook, the meadow.
I know that the intelligence that created all these things is in me, and around me, and that I can call upon it for my slightest need.
I know that my body is a manifestation of pure spirit and that spirit is perfect; therefore my body is perfect also.
I enjoy life, for each day brings a constant demonstration of the power and wonder of the universe, and myself.
I am confident. I am serene. I am sure.
No matter what obstacle or undesirable circumstance crosses my path,
I refuse to accept it, for it is nothing but illusion.
There can be no obstacle or undesirable circumstance to the mind of God, which is in me, and around me, and serves me now.”

U.S. Andersen.

Much Love,


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