Power Of Meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a go-to state for many people in this fast paste, highly stressed world. Finding peace and quite has been difficult for many. Attaining the peace within, that place where all things are known and understood enriches our lives and makes us more kind, acceptive, and understanding humans.

Power Of Meditation


I can’t emphasize enough the power of meditation. When we meditate we connect with God. We connect with our Guides, our Angels, our Light. People are like lamps. Every one of us has a different shape, color, size, pattern. But the only way the lamp can light the room is through invisible force called electricity. For that to happen the lamp needs to get plugged into the outlet.

We are lamps. Choosing to meditate when we rise in the morning is like choosing to plug into the electricity of God. When we get plugged into the goodness, when we let our chatter to slow down, when we let the light and divinity enter us we get charged for the whole day.

It becomes a lot easier to go around day’s tasks, challenges, surprises when we are lit. Meditation is the way to plug into the God’s energy. Mediation helps us to heal old wounds, receive Devine messages, and charge the soul for the day. Living in the light and being a beautiful bright lamp that lights up the room with its presence can be attained with daily practice. You have the power to choose every morning to consciously plug into the electricity of God.

New Perspective on Life.

Daily practice of meditation allows us to see our lives differently. All of a sudden it goes from overwhelm, stress, and meltdown to Divinely Designed Painting of Your Life. The Art filled with different colors, textures, and shapes. Seeing own life as a beautiful creation that is guided is what daily practice of meditation unfold.

You can learn more about ways to meditate here.

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