Hurt- Overcoming Despair.

After a long dark night always comes the Sunrise.

Sometimes storms come into our lives one after another. The night is dark and very long. The Hurt is deep. It feels, as it might never end. Money, death of loved one, health problems, or other sorrows fill our lives. We see a glimpse of light and it’s gone with the next storm. Not again we scream, we cry out, we protest. But the storm comes and tears rain again.

Every one of us has experienced such a time at least once, time of darkness, cold, and strong winds.

The Hurt Will Pass.

In the midst of a dark night we must remind ourselves that the pain, the hurt, the undesired situation will pass. Everything in life always passes and becomes our past. It becomes the lesson, the story, an experience.
Let’s remind ourselves And That Will Pass.

Find The Gift.

In the deep hurt lays a gift. The Gift of an experience that makes us to look into own soul. In the deep pain we find gentleness. We connect with ourselves deeper than ever before and we discover the Sunrise that lies within us. The sun of our lives rises when we rise. When the energy inside of us rises. When the feeling of calmness comes in the midst of storm. When we start believing that everything will be all right.

An Inner strength.


What lies within us is stronger than any problem we face. Inside of us lies an immense energy. The energy that is brighter than anything that comes from external surrounding. The beautiful energy of our brave heart and Divine soul.

Out of darkness into the light.

If you feel dark go deep into your soul, find the calmness, connect to the peace within through prayer or meditation and feel your inner light. ¬†And don’t forget to Breeze. Just breeze. This is your life. The Beautiful experience of the Evolution of your Soul.

May You Find Your Peace,

Much Love,


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