Next Level Parenting

Human Design as the
Ultimate Tool for Conscious Parenting
New Course!

Alli Teague is offering a premiere course using Human Design as the ultimate tool for conscious parenting. Alli is innately gifted when it comes to conscious parenting and has been studying positive parenting practices since she became a mother in 2011. When she became a certified Human Design reader in 2022, she immediately began applying her new knowledge to her parenting practices and was blown away by the tools she received. Now, Alli is launching a Next Level parenting course for those ready to break generational ties and expand into a new frontier of parenting.
We have been conditioned to silence our intuition and instead follow the ways of our parents and the community around us and society as a whole. We have been taught to hide and suppress our uncomfortable feelings, and even to diminish our high-flying feelings so no one around us is made uncomfortable. We have become addicted to praise and need constant external validation to feel good about ourselves.

These are the things we are healing and these are the things we want to do better for our children.
Next Level will consist of four live virtual classes where Alli will guide you deeper into your own personal Human Design, explore the Design of your children, and teach practical tools for you to begin to practice in your home. There will also be two group coaching sessions where you can bring real life situations for discussion, analysis and feedback. Throughout the course, you will have access to a WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, receive support and share wins. Let's build our network of conscious parents!

Course Schedule:

Tuesday, May 16 5:00pm CDST
Your Unique Design
Understanding your chart and the basics of Human Design

Tuesday, May 23 5:00pm CDST
The Children's Charts
Exploring the basics of the chart(s) of your child(ren)
Wednesday, May 31 4:00pm CDST
Integration Call
Group coaching call - bring. your real life situations for discussion!
Tuesday, June 6 5:00pm CDST
How was it done to us and how are we perpetuating it?
Wednesday, June 14 4:00pm CDST
Personality Profiles
Embrace the variety of personalities in your family!
Tuesday, June 20 5:00pm CDST
Integration Call
Group coaching call - bring your real life situations for discussion!