Money. How Much Money Do You Think You Need?

How Much Money Do You Think You Need?

Money is Energy. It is a powerful force that can be used to improve human life or destroy it. Money can save millions or destroy millions. What are your believes about this powerful energy?

                  How Much Money Do You Want To Have?

A man giving a financial seminar once asked his participants “How much money do you want to have?” Different people had different answers. The list of things varied for every person.

A first man said, “I want one million dollars so I can pay off my house and have a comfortable retirement while being able to travel and visit my grandkids.”

Next was a woman who replied, “I want ten million dollars so I can move to my dream neighborhood, buy my dream car, put my kids through college and expand my business.”

A younger man said, “I want 26 million dollars to buy a car, a boat, a plane, a house, open my business, and invest a portion to live on for the rest of my life.”

While responses, dreams, and desires varied they all were beautiful. At the end of the exercise the facilitator said, “Every one of you is selfish person!” Audience got quite. “No one asked for enough money to create a real impact in the world, to resolve one of the world’s problems. No one truly thought beyond themselves.”

While we are building ourselves up to do good in life let’s not forget.


1)Be Grateful for what we have

2) There is always someone less fortunate than you. Help your brother.

2) Don’t settle for little, go big and do it so you, people in your family, in your neighborhood, and around the world can see the beautiful energy of money.

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