Medium -The Mystery Of Death



A medium in Russia was driving on the road when she saw a beautiful blonde young girl walking down the street🙏. This young girl was just a child, all by herself, so the medium stopped to check on her. But when she got out of the car, the girl was gone. The medium saw a bus station nearby. She went to the bus station and saw a woman waiting for a bus. The medium asked her, “Have you seen a little blonde girl passing by?” The woman said no. The medium continued, “She just passed by here, I just saw her. She had beautiful blonde hair and was 5 or 6 years old.” The woman stood quietly. The medium looked at the woman and said, “She … was … your … daughter. ”

Medium’s Vision


The woman’s eyes filled with tears. The medium asked, “What happened?”

The woman explained that her only daughter was killed by a passing train two years back. The medium continued, “Your daughter was caring and very talented. She was a musician or an artist, and everyone loved her.” The mother replied, “My daughter attended music school. Everyone adored her, she was very kind and sweet. She was beautiful.”

Angel on Earth

“Your daughter was an Angel.”, the medium said. “She came into this world to save you from something. You were abused or hurt. Something happened to you. A man … father.” The woman said through tears, “stepfather”. “How old were you the first time?”, the medium asked. “9”, she replied.

The conversation became more difficult. The stepfather continued to abuse her for many years. When the woman became pregnant, he stopped. The medium asked, “Why didn’t you tell your mother about it?” “I was afraid”, replied the woman.

An angel came into her life to stop her suffering. An Angel in human form, as her daughter. She was never meant to stay on earth for a long time. Her purpose was to liberate the woman from her suffering and lead her to a different life.

The medium continued, “In a year and a half you will meet a nice man, and you will have a son. Your son is the person you are meant to bring into this world. Don’t look for your little girl in him, you will never find her. He is a different life.”

Then they parted.

This story illustrates how little we know.

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