Make Self Love your number one resolution.

Self Love

Self Love

Make 2016 the year of self-love. Take the ugly words of self judgement and criticism out of your consciousness and out of your vocabulary. Praise yourself every day with affirmations of Love and infinite beauty that is YOU.

When you make a choice to love yourself more, everything within you as well as the world around you will begin changing for the better. You will make better decisions and by loving yourself so much, you will no longer settle for less than you deserve.

When you love yourself more you choose to eat healthier and less. You take care of yourself better. When you love yourself more you choose to associate yourself with people who are good for you and stay away from relationships that make you feel less or empty. When you love yourself more, all disease begins to disappear  along with negative emotions such as fear and guilt. When you love yourself more things start to show up for you in a miraculous ways. When you love yourself more you become more peaceful, more acceptive, and more loving towards others. When you love yourself more your love shows up in everything you do.

Universal Guidance To Self Love

Make self love your number one resolution and choose to plug into the consciousness of God every day to bring in love and awareness.  Ask Universe for guidance and surrender yourself. Ask Angels for help and healing in the areas you struggle most.

Ask archangel Raphael to heal your heart. Prepare yourself for love all while becoming unconditional source of love. Raphael can help you in your love life.

Archangel Michael is here to protect you. If you feel unsafe or feel like you need extra protection surrender yourself to Michael. Ask him to guide you.
Archangel Chamuel is an Angel of peace. He manifests universal peace and helps people to attain inner peace. Chamuel sees the location of every missing item and the solutions to every problem. Ask him to help you attain what is missing in your life.

Plug into the the electricity and magnitude of the Universe. Love Yourself a little more every day. Make every day a new step towards unfolding into your highest being, the version of yourself you were sent into this world to become. When you make Self Love your number one resolution all the other resolutions tend to take care of themselves.

Love Yourself Unconditionally!
Much Love,

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