Limitless Creator

The Dreams Course

Download Your Dreams, Create Miracles & Become a Limitless Creator of Your Life.

with Svetlana Newsome
Do you feel like you are not where you want to be in you are missing something? You look at other people who have what you want and wonder why it is not you. 

You are a good person, smart, loving, funny, with a charm. You also quite ambitious, you set up goals and achieve them (well, most of the time) You have dreams and you know you are destined for more. You have even read a few self help books, got familiar with the law of attraction, took some programs and seminars, but things somehow have not clicked yet.  

You, friend, is right where all of those missing pieces come together. If you know that you are destined for more, this course is for you.
Limitless Creator - The Dreams Course
6 Week Live Program
In this 6-week journey you will expand your soul, release your limitations, download your dreams, and learn the rules of manifesting. These rules are the key to your dreams becoming a reality so that you live the life of miracles. 
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April 6, 2024
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" When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. " - Paulo Coelho
Whitney Wiser
Dreams really DO come true!
IF you get clear on what you want… which seemed almost impossible for me at the time I took Svetlana’s Limitless Creator - The Dreams Course. 
But the course came at the perfect time for me… I wasn’t ready, but I needed it so I tried it anyway. I struggled through the course barely able to even dream at all. Svetlana helped me by pushing me to get clear, especially on the dream that was most important to me… to find my true love & life partner. 
My dream started out as only one sentence… but eventually started developing into a much more detailed description of the man I wanted & needed in my life.
Now, just 1 year later I am engaged to the man of my dreams! He is everything I described and so much more. I’m so incredibly happy about this strong, supportive, & loving relationship I’ve always wanted.
The best time to create your dream life was yesterday. The second best time is NOW!
In this virtual program, you will learn how to:

-Download your dreams

-Release blocks that prevent you from your dream life
-Open up to receive deepest desires of your heart
-Become a powerful creator of your life
 -Shift your vibration so that you may receive all that you desire
Limitless Creator - The Dreams Course Includes:
-Weekly Live Zoom classes
-Breakout Small Group Coaching Sessions
- Assistance with the Homework
-Session Recordings
-Support and Feedback
Call Schedule
***Subject to change***
Saturday, April 6 Behind the Miracles: The Science of Manifestation
Saturday, April 13 Rules for Creating Dreams 
Saturday, April 20 Fears and Limiting Beliefs
Saturday, April 27 Creating a Dream State
Saturday, May 4 Release Your Dreams
Saturday, May 11 Become a Limitless Creator
All calls will be 11:00 am - 1:00 pm CST via Zoom

Group Coaching Sessions will be on the following dates:
Wednesday, April 17
Wednesday, April 24
Wednesday, May 1
Wednesday, May 8

Morning & Evening Sessions Available:
8 am CST
7 pm CST

 CJ Draper
I was at a crossroads in my life when I was introduced to Svetlana and her Dreams Course. I entered the Dreams Course with speculation and reluctance. With that said I was open to the process.
When I released my dreams, I did so with excitement, anticipation and skepticism, to be honest. One of my dreams m, and the first that I released, had to do with travel.… Having the financial means to travel and to travel to exotic places. At the time I did not have a source of income or the opportunity to travel. 
I released my dreams on 2/2/22 at 2 PM. Two days later I received a text from a distant friend who asked me if my passport was up-to-date because she was looking for a Travel Mate to Egypt three weeks later which happened to be during the week of my birthday and her birthday. When I declined due to the lack of income, she replied that she was covering the costs. My dream included flying first class and staying at luxurious venues. Both came true!  
I flew first class for the first time, stayed in 5 star hotels and had a private tour guide every day!  Another dream of mine, as a woman of faith, was to feel closer to God  and we stayed at a palace on the Nile River in a room with a balcony! Wow!
Another strong dream of mine was regarding communication with my immediate family (mother, father, sister) which was addressed during this dynamic. I pushed through my comfort zone and told them that I would be going on this trip. It was met with resistance but I followed through. Best decision I could’ve made! Had an amazing time!
Not only did this dream regarding travel come through but it also addressed my dream regarding family communication. But wait there’s more… Just today I received a message from the same friend  inviting me to a 16 day trip to India next March.  I am blown away and highly recommend Svetlana and her Dreams Course! I can’t wait to see what comes next!
Svetlana Newsome is a Woman of Divine Light.
About Svetlana:
Svetlana is a Divine Light Energy Healer, spiritual leader, kundalini yoga teacher, dreams and miracles coach, mother of two amazing sons, and a wife to the greatest man Jerremy Alexander Newsome. She travels around the world and teaches her deeply healing and transcending courses.
She has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies, is a Life and Relationship Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training, and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.
She is also a certified Reiki Master, Color and Sound Healer, Lotus Healer, Inner Child Healer, Mother Child Healer, Brazilian Energization Healer, and Akashi Record Reader
You will be matched with a Light Freedom coach who will assist you with your homework and will offer 4 group coaching sessions throughout the course.


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