Return to light after a big fall.


Choosing light doesn’t mean that all of your other problems, challenges, and temptations suddenly disappear. Choosing to live your life in the light means making better choices that are good for your body and your soul. “An awakened soul would rather be without that which doesn’t serve it” , is my absolute favorite quote.


Temptations will arise every single day, and you will have to learn how to stand your ground and choose what serves you. You will need to realize the circumstances that might endanger you and lead you astray, into darkness, to old habits, and to old ways. Cultivating the light is one of the greatest tasks of any being who desires to do bigger and better things in life.

What To Do When You Fall.


When you slip, you might fall. If you fall, don’t stay there for long. Every person that I know, and love, and look up to, and admire, went through dark times. Everyone goes through it. Even those who appear to have lives we envy, who seem to have all the answers, have been tested. Their battles were not only at the beginning of their spiritual journey but continued throughout their awakened life. People like Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Mother Theresa, and many others have had inner demons to battle.

Did you know that Mother Teresa was questioning the existence of God while serving millions as a Catholic nun? She went through times of darkness in her own beliefs. She dedicated her life to God, yet there was a time when she wasn’t sure if God really existed.

Living In The Light.


I once heard a Buddhist monk say that the only difference between an awakened person and an unaware person is the amount of time spent when fallen. A realized being seen oneself falling, observes the fall, stays on the ground for a very short time, rises up, forgives, and goes back to living in the light. The more aware you are, the faster you rise. You cannot escape all of the falls. Take your falls as an opportunity to grow, to expand, to learn the lesson. Rise fast and continue on your journey to living an enlightened life.

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