What Is My Life’s Purpose?

Human kind has been in search of life’s purpose for centuries. We believe that in order to experience true fulfillment in life, we must live on purpose. We pursue success, money, and fame in hopes of finding that magical relevance. Very few find it but it is never in those things.

Life’s Purpose.

Life purpose doesn’t lie in things you can gain for yourself. It lies in what you can do for others.

Most people live in their own bubble, focusing on “me, my needs, my desires, my ways”. There is nothing wrong with pursuing personal happiness. But that’s not where life’s purpose can be found. Those few who are able to leave the bubble of “me” and look at life from a broad vista gain a very different perspective.

What Is My Life’s Purpose?

life's purpose

Becoming the source of Unconditional Love is the Life Purpose of every human. It’s easy to say. It’s harder to achieve. And it is extremely difficult to be. Unconditional Love takes patience, practice, and willingness.

We’ve spent too much time learning how to hate, to separate, to be different from others. Our purpose is to unlearn, to include, and to help. Seeing the needs of others and understanding their pain, is the first step in the transition from our personal bubble to purposeful living.

The First Step To Purposeful Living.

Purposeful living requires us to remove our artificial persona, our faux masks, and reveal our true selves. Having an honest conversation with ourselves and admitting that the way we live doesn’t make us happy takes an extreme amount of courage.

There is nothing more powerful in this world than the euphoria that comes from the brutal honesty of realizing, for the last decade or more, that you’ve been pursuing a career, a mission, or a lifestyle that doesn’t bring you happiness or fulfillment.

The moment you begin to see the world from this new perspective and start helping others in a way that is so impactful your Ego starts shaking in fear is the day you start living your Life’s Purpose.

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