Discovering Your Life Purpose


  What is your life’s purpose?

Some people live on purpose every day because they have a vision of their life that they are congruent with. They have a knowing within, of Divine Power, of the being they are. They walk in confidence wile leaving footprints of their mission in every heart they touch and every place they step into.

Living on purpose feels great. When your mind and heart are congruent there is nothing that you can’t do. You become unstoppable.

Discover Your Gift.

Every human was born into this world with a special gift. Talent that is unique to you. It might be the gift of being great in sports, arts, or dance, or something very different. The talent was given to every man and woman. No one came into this world without one. What is your gift is left for you to discover. Are you a great orator? Are you a person who connects, who sees beyond what’s in front of you? Is your gift to sell, to create, to parent, to lead, to support? What is that one area where you feel congruent with your highest vision of yourself?

Pull your life’s purpose from within and commit to living it every day. Share your gifts with the world! If you don’t you are guaranteed to be pulled all over the place. New ideas, new goals will keep your mind occupied for a short period of time but will fail to keep you feeling wholesome in a long run. You will burn out quickly. Without higher purpose emptiness and uncertainty would enter life again.

Sings that you are on the right path.

Life Purpose

There will be more Growth and Contribution than before when you start living on Purpose. You will learn how to Expand into your Greatness. While hardships and detours will still happen they will be seen as opportunities to grow and to learn rather than stumble and fall.

How to Live on Purpose.

The first step to living on purpose is to Want It. When you decide that you Want The Life that you have always yearned for in your soul the gate gets open for Grace to enter and show you the way.

Unconditional Self love is what The Highest Purpose of every men’s life is. Loving oneself unconditionally is easy when the gifts and talents are being used and shared with the world.

May you be living on Purpose, Congruent with your Highest Self!

Much Love,

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