Life and Death


Life and Death.

April comes and April goes and every year I think I’ll do just fine through this emotional month. It has been 6 years since my husband died and my connection with him is closer and deeper than ever. But I finally came to realize that no matter how much I understand another dimensions and the spirit world the feeling of sadness is still inside of me and serves me as a reminder of his absence in this physical world. I do miss his physical presence. I miss his laughter and his touch. I miss seeing his body and that delicious sense that could only come from him. Human bodies are so beautiful and intelligent. The waves of energy that radiate from a person are hard to forget and amazing to experience.

An Earthly Person After a Passing of a Loved One.

Death is easy for those who die but much more difficult for those who stay behind and must go on with life. Everything in life that once was so well known changes in an instance and the whole new array of lessons floods into the person’s life. People who stay living after the loss of a loved one can never be the same. Life all of a sudden becomes so much more precious. The realization of value of time on earth comes before the rest of the values that once seamed to be on top of the list such as money and security.  Joy, Peace, and Love become most valuable assets.

 Soul after the death. 

I speak with my husband often. At first our conversations were through a third person who sees and hears spirit world, a medium. Sometimes he visited me in my dreams. But later on my search, desire, awareness, and commitment opened my senses to communicate with him and other light beings. I’ve been learning a lot about the life after the death of a physical body. Every person that dies wants us to know that he or she isn’t dead. They are there, in a different dimension learning and growing a lot like we are here. They are wiser more compassionate and understanding. One big difference is that there is no such thing as time.

We often reincarnate with our loved ones again and again. This was my fourth time I was married to my husband. Before we are born major points in our lives are orchestrated perfectly for our soul’s growth. We have a free will to change many circumstances and outcomes but some things are just must be experienced. Some good and some really hard ones. We all come here to learn, to grow, and to expand our souls.

Learning a lesson.


It is a lot easier to learn a lesson while on earth. In every circumstance the lesson appears in front of us over and over again until it is recognized, understood, and healed. Don’t bring dark karma with you in after physical life. Resolve it here and leave it behind. Learn that lesson of forgiveness or self worth. The lesson of true love.

Today I want to remind us all that there is no such thing as death. “There is no beginning and no end, we are all parenthesis in eternity.” Dr. Wayne Dyer.  

Much Love,


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