Laws Of The Universe

If you have a dreams board, if you have been focusing on the vision of your life, if you’ve been using the Laws of The Universe to manifest your heart’s desires but still find yourself wanting, you are most likely missing essential information about how The Laws of The Universe really work.

Let’s look a little closer at some popular Laws of The Universe.

The Law of Attraction.

Laws Of The Universe.

The Law of Attraction is The Law of the Universe where kindred energies are drawn to one another.

For example, when you’re having a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad month, your negative vibration seems to attract more of the same energy to you. We often hear about how problems don’t appear one at a time, but come in bunches. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because when circumstances cause your energy to plummet, you start radiating low vibrations. Low vibrations attract more of the same, and you spiral downhill from there.

On the hand, when you are in a positive mood, you emanate positive vibrations, and that brings positive situations and people into your life. We all know how it feels when everything in life unfolds perfectly. We attract all the things we need to support our heart’s desires: people, circumstances, opportunities, coming one after another from a variety of different places.

While the Law of Attraction is easy to understand, we need to realize that it can turn into The Law of Paradoxical Intent.

Law of Paradoxical Intent.

Laws Of The Universe.

Most popular books tell us that in order to manifest what we desire, we must constantly focus on our desires and think about them often. We must fixate on what we really want. We must picture it in our mind, touch it, test drive it, dream about it, and want it more than anything.

The problem with this approach is that it not only causes a sense of anxiety, but the more we want something, the more fear we cultivate around not getting it. Positive thinking turns into a vibration of lacking and creates a contrast in the universe that prevents us from ever getting what we so badly desire.

This law is on the opposite side of the Law of Attraction. When we are so focused on never ending positive thought, we become paranoid of any negative thoughts or emotions that might creep into our mind, so we push them away. We try our best to avoid human emotions such as fear, envy, and guilt. We become afraid that we will attract circumstances and people in our lives that will bring more of the negative outcomes.

Instead, we should accept negative emotions with love as a part of our personality, and heal them by looking deeper into why they occur. We repress them, we pretend that they didn’t happen, and as a result we bury them deeper inside of us. That action causes us to reject ourselves. What we don’t realize is that hidden emotions are very powerful and attract more of the negativity in our lives. The most powerful and corrupt of all negative emotions is Fear. Fear arrests every positive thought that comes from your mind. Fear restricts the flow of energy. Fear deprives us of any of the positive energy we are trying to bring into our lives. I wrote a small book on Fear and how to go beyond it. If you wish to look into an emotion of fear deeper, you can download it here.

Negative thinking is a part of a wounded personality. When you find yourself thinking negatively, be patient with yourself. Love that part of you more deeply. Darkness is the absence of Light. Shine Your Light on the Darkness and help the feelings dissolve.

Now I want to share an extremely powerful Law Of The Universe with you. Learning this law, and implementing it in your life, will surely create miracles.

The Law of Entrainment.

 Laws Of The Universe.

Laws Of The Universe

We understand that there’s a frequency in everything. There are high vibrations such as love and joy, and low vibrations like fear and guilt. Entrainment happens when two or more energies synchronize. When these energies vibrate, the stronger frequency will cause the lesser vibrations to synchronize to it.

Here’s an example of how it works. Growing up I would travel to the countryside to spend summers with my grandmother. At her house, she had several pendulum clocks. The clocks had cuckoo birds that would pop out every hour and make cuckoo calls for each hour on the clock. All pendulums swung at the same rhythm. I was fascinated with that as a child, and I would sometimes try to intervene. I’d climb on the table and catch the pendulum. I would hold the pendulum for a minute or two to break the rhythm, and then let go. Bingo! One of the clocks wasn’t synchronized with the others. But every time I came back home after playing outside, I’d find all the clocks were synchronized again. That drove me insane! Why? I asked. I went so far as catching a cuckoo bird to force the clock to lose its rhythm. My every attempt failed. But what I did learn was that the smaller pendulum always sank in rhythm with the bigger one. The one with the stronger vibration. And many years later, I observe this law at work in The Universe and people’s lives.

Have you ever been around a person who was so negative that you felt depleted after an interaction with him or her? Perhaps you know someone like this today. No matter how hard you try to be happy, you always end up feeling negative after an interaction with that person. It’s because that person’s energy is stronger than yours.

On the other hand, have you had the experience when a person enters a room and lights it up just with his or her presence? The place becomes happier, it becomes easier to breathe, it feels like The Light entered every corner and nook and crevice in the room. And all the darkness disappeared. The energy, the vibration, changed and became the one of love and light. That person’s energy was stronger that the energy of the whole room. All of the other energies in the room synchronized to the most powerful one, the one that had the highest vibration of them all.

To manifest anything in life you need to radiate the energy that is the strongest, the biggest Pendulum.

We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are!- Wayne W Dyer

What you want to become is the energy source of love and light. The energy that vibrates above all others and synchronizes other energies to yours. And all the other universal laws, angelic realms, and The Universe itself will assist you in your journey.

Much Love,


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