Intuition – Road to Miracles

Listening to Intuition, the voice within is the road to see unfolding of Miracles.

Today I spent hours listening to fascinating stories about my grandmother’s life. Oh my goodness! How much I love listening to her stories! She takes me back in time. I can see her little house where she lived with her 5 siblings. I can smell the bread baking. I walk the goats and milk the cows while she goes on and on about her life’s evolution.

I find her life so fascinating. It seems like such hardship when compared to our lives today. She has worked since she was 8 years old. She doesn’t know what an easy life is, and most beautifully, she doesn’t complain about her life or anything else. Her husband is long gone, and disease took her daughter’s life. Nevertheless, she is strong, beautiful, and wise.

She didn’t know how her life would unfold when she was a young girl. Not in her wildest dreams did she imagine her family taking root all over the world or her granddaughter living in the land she had only read about in books.



The more I listen to her, the more I realize that my life has taken so many turns similar to hers. We both are instinctive women, and we used our God given compass of INTUITION when faced with big decisions. She used hers over the last 80 years while I only over 30. The result has been transformative!

When we listen to the voice within, the God force in every one of us, and make decisions based on that inner knowing, Life becomes a Miracle. Our intuition can guide us to make a decision that doesn’t appear rational, a decision that might seem unsafe, a decision that requires courage and risk.

We feel in our core that the truth of the decision is power, freedom, and joy. That our Life’s Evolution will be aligned with the soul’s purpose. However, we don’t know that for sure, and our Ego Mind pushes us to a different outcome that we think will keep us safe and yet … fearful.


Live on Purpose

There are many people who live in their heads. They make decisions based on what they or people around them think is right. Those people do not know the Miracles.

They don’t see the beautiful unfolding of life that takes place when people and circumstances align and make the impossible possible, unthought of the new reality.

I pray that more people allow miracles to come into their lives. That they listen to the peace of God within them.

The voice within is your guide, your life force. When you put that voice in your heart first and trust yourself, your Life’s Evolution will unfold in congruence with your soul’s purpose. You will feel connected, full, guided, awake, every moment of the rest of your life.

Much Love,


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