Intuition – Feeling Your Way through Life

The choices that don’t serve our highest evolution and as a result create a lot of pain are usually made by the thinking mind. Don’t take me wrong, we are required to think in live but when it comes to the most important decisions our intuitive being always knows what we truly need. When we think our way through life we tend to make decisions that are small, safe, and comfortable. Often we make choices that look good to our Ego but deep down they don’t feel good. Most often our thinking mind tries to protect us and as a result we settle. We settle for way less than what we are cable of. When we add our intuition, our feeling into our decisions, quite often the higher being inside tells us to go with unknown. That is where we learn to trust. The choice might seam risky and even crazy but it just feels right. Deep inside we know that without making that leap of faith we cannot fully realize our mission on this planet and expand into our fullest potential.

We Know What To Do

I often say we all know what to do. However, we spend enormous amount of time in conversations with ourselves trying to convince that the decision to stay put or choose safe is the right one. Mastery to life is recognizing the process of thinking over feeling and making the feeling based decision sooner.

Listening To Intuition

You can connect to your intuition by quieting your mind and listening to your heart. Every one of us is intuitive; we all are able to feel through life. However, doubt and fear can creep in and that is where a free will comes in and your commitment to intuition is tested.

My commitment to intuition gets tested often. Every time I make a decision based on my knowing within my life unfolds beautifully.


Rewards of Intuitive Decision

I remember the day I made a decision to jump from familiar plane into unknown land with my parachute solidly relying on faith. I was sitting quietly listening to my heart speak. Here I am in Kazakstan with my family and friends about to finish college and have a degree I worked so hard for. I’ve just been given an opportunity to export goods from China and to start making a great living. I came from love but no money. To get an education I worked 3 jobs while I was full time in school. I didn’t sleep much but I dreamed a lot. Dreamed, prayed, and trusted that God won’t leave me even when I worked in 40 degrees weather outside with tears dropping my eyes. I believed there would be better days.

So here I am sitting in quite. On one side is my opportunity in Kazakhstan, the one I worked for so hard for. I had to prove myself over and over. On the other side a chance to come to USA, an unknown land. Everything inside of me was telling me to go to US. Everything and everyone outside of me was telling me to stay in Kazakhstan.

So I left and started from the bottom. $300 dollars is all I had after paying for tickets. $300 to live on until I land a job and get my first paycheck. I was learning the life again in Las Vegas heat while taking a bus for two years. Things weren’t easy but I was doing better day by day. And when I looked on my life 5 years later I couldn’t believe what I created. All my goals were achieved. I remember telling my mother before leaving home that I would have a house, a car, a family, and a great job within five years. And I did have a beautiful home, two BMW in the garage, amazing strong man by my side, and our little son.

When we jump things don’t happen right away but they do. Our trust gets tested quite a bit. But the person we grow into because of that jump is the one of self-respect, self-love, and self-admiration. I have no idea how I did it. All I know I didn’t do it all. My guardian angels showed their miracles every day and placed people on my road that helped, supported, encouraged, and inspired. Years later in conversation with my guardian angel he told me the names of people he placed in my life. There are no accidents.


If you let your intuition speak, if you choose to feel through life, if you choose to trust and be guided your life will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Much Love,


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