Inaction – Deterioration of The Soul


Inaction destroys our souls and creates deep pain. It destroys a man slowly leaving a deep dark hole inside. We can never truly love ourselves unconditionally until we face the fear that has been stopping us and Take Action by going Through that fear.

You Just Go To Do That One Thing.

That thing that you need to do, yes that one! The one you wanted to do way back then. That thing that will change your life direction, in fact will change your life forever. You’ve got to do it!  Make a first step into executing it!

Do not sit on it another year or two or maybe a decade and continue to think about it. By doing that, not taking action, you are slowly killing yourself. You know that you are destined for more. Enough of excuses!  And if you have a group of supporting friends to validate your idea of limits it’s time to make new friends who have high standards for life.

The Ugly Truth About Inaction

The ugly truth is if you don’t take action  you will never be able to Respect Yourself. You will never be able to Love Yourself Unconditionally. The guilt and doubt will destroy everything inside of you cell after cell.

Declare Your Freedom


You might feel complacent with your life. But you know that you’ve been starving for the True Freedom: the freedom to express yourself unapologetically, the freedom to chase your dreams, the freedom to be YOU every day, every minute of your existence. That is the life that you’ve been starving for.

The life of freedom can be yours the day you choose to step into more. Take action and face your fears.

Be brave, be strong, be your biggest supporter and live your life by your own design.

Much Love To You,


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