How To Write Manifestation Letter.

Manifestation Letter

Every so often I write manifestation letter to The Universe (my wish always, and by always I mean every single time) gets manifested into physical. Some of the things I manifested in the past include but not limited to money, love, healing, or resolution of unpleasant conflict. Note: What you ask for will manifest. The trick here is to be open to receive and aligned so you can keep it.

I find writing letter to The Universe to be an incredibly powerful way to communicate with The Source and express my desires.  When writing the letter ask for whatever you truly want. Here I share with you step by step process.

1) Mediation

Meditation is essential to open up and clear yourself. Start with deep breezing, calmness, and gentleness. Get into surrendered state of love and peace and open your heart.

2) Manifestation Letter

Now that your heart is opened take a pen and paper and start writing: Dear Universe, I love and appreciate you…Then write whatever you want to manifest. Describe the situation you want to let go off or the problem yo wish to resolve. Finish your letter with, I surrender to you and trust that you will bring this or something better….. Amen. While you are writing visualize what you write.

3) Candle

Read letter aloud. Put your feelings, emotions, pains, and desires behind it.
Light a candle and put it on top of the letter. If you have spiritual altar with crystals, angels, oils, or whatever else on your altar place the letter there and put candle on top of it. (WARNING: be smart please, don’t burn your house, make sure you have a special candle in a holder that won’t drip, make sure there is no wind, and that kids can’t reach it. Please use common sense, you are responsible for your own safety. If you don’t feel candle is a good idea DO NOT BURN IT!

4) It’ sDone

And so it is! It is already yours.

5) Alignment

From now on every morning and night (or whenever you remember, or get that precious minute of time) come to your altar, unfold the letter, read it, and connect with the feelings and emotions of your wish being granted. This step is important for you because: a) it reminds you of your deep desire b) it keeps you in higher vibration throughout the day c) it keeps you open to synchronicity, signs, people, and ideas.

Best time to manifest resolutions of difficult situation or completions of unpleasant cycle is over the full moon.  To manifest new wishes and desires is best during new moon phase.


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  1. After placing candle on top of letter, do you let the candle burn completely or is there an amount of time to let it burn before blowing the candle out? Also when unfolding letter to read and reconnect with it, is a candle again lit on top of it each time?

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      Haley I recommend a candle in a glass that burns continuously for a day. Or you can burn a small candle in a lantern and let it burn through fully. As the candle burns through fully, it is done. No candle is necessary after that. You can keep the letter on your altar and come back to it daily to put yourself into a space of a dream come true or you can release the letter by burning it or releasing it into the water or wind and living your life in joy knowing that what you asked for is speeding it’s way to you. If you would like to know more about manifestation letter I created a description of all the details that you would want to know. Here is a link to download it:

      In Love and Light,

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  2. Do you have to use a candle because i don’t have any so i did it without one, will it still work ?

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      The most important part is your pure intention. If the intention is pure and you are open too receive it will absolutely work!

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