How Do You Do It All By Yourself?

How do you do it all by yourself?  Is a question that I get asked often. Being a single parent, the breadwinner, and the responsible party that many people rely on can be scary and stressful at times. If you are in this position and have more overwhelmed days than happy ones please tune in. I have the secret to sanity.

The secret is to remind ourselves that we are not alone, and we do not have to do it all. “ If You Only Knew Who You Are Walking With, You Will Never Be Afraid” said Wayne Dyer. These are the words of Devine Truth.

We can ask to be guided. We can surrender our Ego’s Ways and ask for help. Please know your Guardian Angel can’t help you if you don’t ask. She can’t intervene with your free will. You can always choose to go your ways. Sometimes The Universe brings you to your knees, breaks your spirit, and makes you feel cornered and hopeless so you can See The Miracle Of Surrendering, Trusting, and Being Guided.

Life can be very hard and in that hardship The Miracles appear.

How Do You Do It All By Yourself?

 Get out of Madness.

Death resized

Stress creates madness and disconnect. It is caused by desires of one’s Ego. I remember a time when I was so stressed about money that all I could think about was how to make my payment. I decided that I would make $500 that day. Hour by hour, my anger grew. Nothing was working. I was so caught up in my anger and I could not see my blessings. An elderly lady came near me to pick up trash, and there was a $500 chip on the floor (I live in Las Vegas). It was at my feet the entire time. But I was annoyed, caught up in my anger, looking blindly in front of me without any ability to notice that what I asked for was at my feet.

At that moment my heart burst into tears. Gentleness flowed through my veins. It was a defining moment in my life, a lesson. In that moment I understood that stress, madness, anger, and frustration can cloud my vision, and the answer cannot be seen, even when it is lying at my feet and begging to be noticed.

How Do You Do It All By Yourself?

Connect With Your Soul Mates.

Programming Your Mind

Soul mates are near us. Soul mates are people who came from the same soul group as yours with the promise of helping one another. Soulmates can be friends, family members, or strangers. Soulmates are here to uplift, inspire, and love each other.

 How Do You Do It All By Yourself?

Connect To Your Environment.

How Do You Do It All By Yourself?

Today when I have a question or issue, I ask The Universe to show me the way and to guide me. Being present in the environment is very important. We must know and feel what is going on all around us. In front of us, behind us, underneath us, above us, on the right of us, and on the left. Feeling our space is important when in communication with the Universe.

Messages can come from different places, billboards, license plates, or a conversation on the bus. I find that most answers to my doubts come through people. Being open and gentle while willing to meet and accept that what we need through people can be miraculous and uplifting.

I met Dave several years ago. Dave is a wealthy and successful man with a beautiful heart. I overheard him sharing his life story with one of my friends. I was at the pivot point in my life and was closely considering leaving my dream to just work and spend more time home with my son. I burst in tears when I learned of this man becoming a single father of three and pushing stroller with his twins to the meetings. Life was nothing but easy for him, and so as many others. His story inspired me to keep working and not to give up. Later on my Angel told me that he send Dave into my life. That man was a Miracle, a Blessing indeed.

Today I do not do anything alone. I’m always in communication with my Angels. I have huge dreams and aspirations and I know that I need a lot of Divine Wisdom to have it all realized. I choose to be guided. Whatever I need for my highest evolution is being brought into my life, and what doesn’t serve me is Removed.

I am not alone and neither You Are. You can choose to accept and allow yourself to be guided. Learn to surrender and listen to the whispers of The Universe and the magic, the miracles, will always be there to surprise you.

Much Love,


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