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Gifts Under $100


  • Wearable Affirmations Designed To Uplift, Inspire, And Shine A Light On Your Unique Path
  • Every Purchase Impacts The Lives Of Those Rebuilding After Trafficking & Abuse

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Offer expires January 5, 2024

Virtual Sound Healing Experience
with Laura Croft

$88 (originally $111)

  • Discover The Transformative Power Of Sound Healing With Laura Croft, A Skilled Practitioner In The Art Of Crystal Bowl Therapy. Immerse Yourself In The Soothing Tones Of These Ethereal Instruments, Each Session Is Guided In Meditation And Tranquil Sound Tailored To Promote Deep Relaxation And Spiritual Well-Being.
  • Bliss out with a Holiday Discounted rate for a
    1 hour virtual healing experience

Sharper Image┬« Powerboost┬« Deep Tissue Percussion Massager 

Version 3.0, Massage Gun W/ 5 Attachments, 6 Speed Settings, Whisper Quiet Operation, Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle, Full Body Recovery


  • This massager is a versatile tool for full-body recovery, helping to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation. Whether you're aiming to enhance athletic performance or simply unwind after a long day, this massage gun is an excellent choice. Its effectiveness, coupled with the convenience of targeting specific muscle groups, makes it a must-have in any wellness routine! 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

$74.99 (originally $78.99)

  • a go-to companion for capturing the joy of everyday moments at home. it Adds A Touch Of Nostalgia And Spontaneity To The Art Of Photography. Its compact size makes it incredibly convenient for spontaneous snapshots, ensuring that no charming moment goes uncaptured! It's a must-have for anyone who appreciates the charm of instant, tangible memories.

Gifts Under $300

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Offer expires December 1, 2023

Human Design Reading with
Alli Teague

$133 (originally $199)

  • We are all uniquely designed with our own specific blueprint that determines how we best interact with others and shines a light on the gifts we came here to share. In this 90-minute reading, we will begin to uncover the layers of your special Human Design so you can begin to experiment with how you engage with the Universe.

    Alli Teague is a certified human design reader and has a natural gift for teaching the basics of human design in a way that encourages people to begin trusting their own intuition and experience greater alignment in their lives. 

Meditation Cushion Set by renoo

Durable Comfortable Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp - Modern Zafu Zabuton - Buckwheat Kapok Filled Floor Pillow Yoga Bolster in 15 Colors Washable Cover


  • The modern Zafu Zabuton, filled with a blend of buckwheat and kapok, provides unparalleled support during meditation sessions. Even after extended periods of use, the cushions retain their comfort, allowing for deep focus and relaxation. It truly is perfection in a cushion set!

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Offer expires December 22, 2023

Dharma Readings with
Anamaria Velasquez

$233.10 (originally $333)

  • Dharma, the concept of living in alignment with your life's purpose, is an integral part of a fulfilled life. Through a combination of self-reflection exercises and guidance, human design, and powerful coaching, you will uncover your true calling and gain clarity on the path that will bring you the most fulfillment and joy.

Gifts Under $3000

Limitless Creator - The Dreams Course

$1355 (originally $1555)

  • In this 6-week journey you will expand your soul, release your limitations, download your dreams, and learn the rules of manifesting. These rules are the key to your dreams becoming a reality so that you live the life of miracles.
  • Class starts saturday, january 6, 2024

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Offer expires December 1, 2023

Become a Divine Queen

$2222 (originally $3333)

  • Join an intimate group of incredible women on this eight-week journey led by Svetlana Newsome. You will learn the traits of a Divine Queen and practice embodying them into your daily life for a truly transcendent experience.
  • Class starts on Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Offer expires December 1, 2023

Original Peloton Bike

Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive 22" HD Touchscreen (Updated Seat Post)

$1,095 (orginally $1,445)

  • While it's a fantastic stationary bike, what makes the Peloton truly remarkable is its versatility. It's not strictly limited to cycling; with a variety of workouts available, you can choose from everything from strength training to yoga! The ability to stack and customize these workouts adds a layer of flexibility, allowing you to curate your fitness routine according to your preferences and goals.

Favorite Books

Money Grows on Trees

How to Reshape Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideals About Money and Become Truly Wealthy

by Jerremy Alexander Newsome


  • written by my amazing husband! This book is not just about money; it's a guide to redefining your relationship with wealth, affecting positive change not only in your financial life but in every area of your life. it's a powerful tool for anyone seeking financial success, blending practical advice with a profound understanding of the impact of our beliefs on our financial journey.

A Course In Miracles

by Foundation For Inner Peace

$23 (originally $28)

  • If you have taken any courses with The Light Freedom, you know that Svetlana and Alli read this book daily and recommend it frequently. A Course in Miracles contains 365 daily lessons to guide you to strengthen your relationship with the Divine. God/Source is within all of us and these lessons will teach you to tune into your inner wisdom.

A Return to Love

by Marianne Williamson

$7.69 (originally $16.99)

  • I find myself turning to this book frequently, drawn to its timeless teachings that offer solace and inspiration. The book beautifully emphasizes that love is not only the key to inner peace but also a powerful tool for personal fulfillment. It's a profound resource for those seeking inner transformation and a deeper connection with the universal force of love.

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

$8.89 (originally $17)

  • Tolle's profound insights are instruments that pulls one out of unconscious thought patterns and guides into a state of heightened consciousness. this book is a powerful reminder that true transformation begins with embracing the present moment.