In-Person Services

Laguna Beach Divine Energy
Healing Experience

2-3 Hours for $500

  • In this comprehensive healing session, Svetlana invokes the highest energies of Love, Light, and Healing to channel the healing energy to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each chakra will be opened and balanced, and energy blocks will be processed as necessary, and removed using psychic techniques. Svetlana will use a combination of channeled energies, color, tuning forks, crystals, secret language, and/or dialogue depending on the specific needs of the client.

Inner Child Healing

16-20 Hours for $6500

  • Deep healing experience that takes a person into the subconscious and unconscious mind of your inner child. Many limiting beliefs and trauma are created in our childhood. As children, we create many coping mechanisms to survive and strive in life. However, that energy often runs the lives of 40 and 60 year olds and keep them in a personal jail of emotional chaos.

Mother Child Healing

for $3,500

  • Transformational healing that connects you to the energy of Divine Mother and the soul of the child. This healing modality is especially helpful to women that had abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, lose of the child or unable to have children. Helpful for moms who have a sick child. This experience can help to heal the pain and void, receive healing, understanding, and meaning. Great for awakened women that want to understand their children's souls.

Online Services

Distant Healing

2 Hours for $500

  • Everything in The Universe is Energy, so as you and I. Distant Healing just as powerful as healing in person. When performing distant healing my Higher Self travels to you together with Light Beings, Angels, and Healers. I meet you and your energy field and perform a Spiritual Healing. Before the healing we speak on the phone to set up intention. After the healing we speak again and I share with you the information that I received during the healing.

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Thanks for the healing!!!! I came with a very big depression And pain. After each treatment, I felt better, the atmosphere was magical, very comfortable and calm. I fell asleep during treatment and woke up with incredible ease. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Tina Eftimova

I’m so appreciate for the genuine help and advices that Svetlana has given me. I feel so empowered and determined to live up to my full potential. She helped me replace the negative beliefs with new uplifting ones. I recommend visiting her if you want to get from where you are to where you want to be. She is the ONE!
Thank you,

Tailor St. Claire Style

Enlightening, uplifting and freeing — these are the words I would use to describe my experience with Svetlana of The Light Freedom. At a time in my life where I couldn’t find clarity or peace, I was encouraged to connect with Svetlana. I’ve never had a reading done before, but I liked — for some reason — that she had angel tarot cards. Booking time with Svetlana was easy and done professionally without any awkwardness. During my reading, I was blown away by what she shared with me — in the most positive way! She explained the cards I drew in a manner that I could understand. Her energy reading was so incredibly powerful, it still gives me happy goosebumps to remember it today. After the reading, she gave me personal recommendations that helped me in staying aligned with God, my desires and my light. I walked away clearer, lighter and hopeful.
Since that first meeting, I have booked healing sessions and group classes with Svetlana. I have completely enjoyed all my moments with The Light Freedom because of how much I learn about myself and how to be the best me — as intended by Source! Svetlana’s gentle guidance and digestible teachings have helped me understand God’s love and peace in a new way. I will continue to recommend her to all who need clarity and re-alignment.


Thank You Svetlana!!! You are amazing! I am so grateful I met you! Keep Shining The Light!


Before my inner child healed, I thought I was okay. In reality, my emotions were all over the place. Through inner child healing, I learned a lot about myself, my emotions and what has affected me when I was a child. After the inner child healing, my spirit has grown into something bigger than me. My outlook on how I treat myself, my wife and my children has completely changed for the better!

Krystle (Kismet)

I came into my first session with Sveltana literally in tears, it was crazy timing and absolutely not a part of the plan. Initially, I had an urge to feel embarrassed, but every time I looked up she held the space with peace and pure compassion. And with apparent patience, she shared little words allowing me to move through my emotions. I didnt feel any rushed to get the session started and if I had any doubts before, after this brief moment I was assured I was in loving hands.

The session was divine, I remember being semi-awake, feeling a bit in and out body, (listening to myself lightly snore), perhaps it was an experience of the body fully surrendered and conscious fully aware. Afterwards she used nothing that I initially exposed to her as an outline for how she interpreted my energy reading. It was genuine and I'm so grateful for the experience. I left with messages I didn't expect but absolutely needed to receive.

She's a true light worker!


If you ever feel like you are lost, looking for comfort or guidance do yourself a favor and reach out to Svetlana - she’s truly gifted and she has very healing energy!

Zach Ryle

I'm incredibly grateful to have connected with Svetlana and to have an in-depth healing session with her. It was a powerful experience that helped me to clear some very dense and heavy energy that I had been carrying around for years. She has beautiful healing gifts that so many of us are in need of receiving right now. The way she shines her light so brightly to those around her, and the amount of care and compassion she brings to her work is very rare. I highly recommend working with her.

Majesta Brown

Words can’t even describe how amazing this experience was! Svetlana is such a beautiful soul! She made me feel comfortable as she used her gifts to cleanse my energy, and I felt renewed. I told her I felt like I was floating after my session, and I never wanted that feeling to go away because it was such a peaceful feeling! I highly recommend Svetlana for your spiritual healing, Reiki sessions, and all that she has to offer!

April Lozano-Rondon (The Art of Healing LMT)

I have attended a few group reiki sessions with Svetlana but today was my 1st personal with her. I left heard, inspired, educated and loved. It is a real treasure to find spiritual healers you can put your trust in. Svetlana is authentic in who she is. You feel that in her work. I am so grateful that I can be transparent to receive healing through her from God. Spiritual practice is a real discipline.. This woman dedicates her life to the practice.. To truly help others.