Healing Melodies of Nature.

“I was willing to reawaken my senses and experience the healing melodies of nature again.”

No phone! No internet! Are you kidding me? Those were my first thoughts when I realized that I had extremely limited accesses to all that I used to as a busy modern woman.

I know there will be magnificent beauty in all of it, I thought to myself. I remembered how it was back then.

I remembered the time when I was closely connected to nature. There were no phones, no computers, slower temp of life, and much deeper connection with the natural world. I was willing to reawaken my senses and experience the healing melodies of nature again.

At first I felt a little out of place. No emails and no Facebook to check. But slowly I started seeing and experiencing magic that only unplugged mind can see.

Healing Melodies of Nature.

healing melodies of nature

A Tiny Flower.


There is Divinity in staring at one tiny flower in the middle of the desert. That flower shared it’s mystery, wisdom, peace, and beauty with me. Just by being there it taught me more than the last three books I red.

Blowing Wind.


The blowing Wind is a power of the nature that cleans, clears, and brings wisdom. I love The Wind! I love feeling it on my skin. I love when it’s messing with my hair. But what I find most incredible is the feeling of new beginnings. No matter where I am in the world the wind is always there. It brings me memories from all the places I’ve ever been a part of. No matter how much my life changed, how many years passed, or what side of the world I ended up in, the power of the wind stays the same.

Energy of Trees.


There is deep energy in trees. A tree can charge person, heal, or bring its universal energy through the man. Some trees can power man up and others have miraculous effects on human life. The beauty is in connecting with the tree and feeling it’s heartbeat.

We must remember however that every tree has its own character and every one of them is unique and different. Trees are like people. No one is alike. There are even trees that can take energy from a person.

Water, Sun, Starry Night Sky, or Sand on the beach are teachers, healers, and magicians.  They are a part of Divine Intelligent. They are The Universal energy. Spending time focusing, conversations, admiring nature surely brings us wisdom beyond what internet, TV, or person can ever give us. When you have a decision to make, a problem to solve, or desire to bring peace into your life tune into healing melodies of nature and see your life transform.

Sending you Much Love from Kazakhstan,


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