Gratitude For Grateful.

Three Ways To Deeper The State Of Gratitude

There are many grateful and appreciative people in the world. You are probably one of them. You are grateful for all that you have and appreciate the people in your life. But sometimes you find yourself caught up in the fulfillment of life’s promises with an attitude of complacency, saying “that’s how it should be”.

Yes, we are grateful for all that we have, and we remind ourselves about it constantly. But the depth of our gratitude can be quite shallow. Our appreciation for the miracle of life is largely on the surface. And our prayers of gratitude are superficial as well. Thank you for my health, my family, my kids, my job, my house, my car, myself, thank you for loving me and supporting me, Amen. You might go a little deeper and say thank you for the country you live in, a place of opportunity without a war. Or whatever else you feel gratitude for. The truth is – if you haven’t been faced with hardship recently, you might not feel a true depth of gratitude. You appreciate your life, but you want more. A bigger house, a nicer car, more money, a new relationship, and still more. A State of Appreciation is hard to achieve. So you feel some gratitude but are not truly grateful. I believe most of us have been there at some point.

Here are a couple of ideas to remind you of your humble beginnings and to help you be a deeply grateful person:

1) Experience gratitude through a moment of oneness.

It is a moment of conscious meditation when you energetically connect with people in other places and feel their energy. When you drink your next cup of coffee, think of the people who are planting the seed of a coffee bean, a man who waters it, who cares for it under the heat of the sun. See and feel the woman who picks the beans and dries and bags them. Imagine how your coffee beans are shipped, all that it takes for you to enjoy that delicious cup. Take a sip and feel the energy of every person around the world that touched what you are intaking and making a part of you. We are all connected. You can experience this process with anything. Take five minutes to connect with the world. That will make you mindfully grateful.

2) For a day, put yourself in an environment that will bring out the compassionate part of you and bring you to your knees.

Last week I spent a couple of days in a nursing home. My time there brought out so many different and overwhelming emotions. I experienced myself in a whole new way. The nursing home wasn’t at all what I imagined it would be. It wasn’t a happy place filled with beautifully groomed senior citizens sipping coffee or tea while chatting. There weren’t elderly women singing songs while someone played the piano for them. (Yep, I was that naive. As you can see, movies didn’t paint a realistic picture for me). The place was filled with old people in wheel chairs who weren’t communicating. Many just stared at the TV waiting for another day to pass. The smell was terrible, and my heart ached the entire time I was there. There was so much loneliness. That experience brought me to my knees and made me feel a deep gratitude for My Life, my loud family that bounces off the walls from morning until night, my youth, my health, the people I meet and those I love. And all that seemed imperfect became perfect. I had a new appreciation for everything and everyone and felt a deeper love. Experiences like that are easy to create. It makes the world better all around. Your world becomes richer and more colorful, and the less fortunate people you touch receive your love, joy, and support. Take a day and serve the homeless, give your time and attention to sick and injured people, expand your love beyond your daily boundaries and experience a new depth of gratitude.

3) And last but not least … travel!

Go to an impoverished country at least once in your lifetime. Give yourself the gift to truly appreciate your opportunities by seeing the lives of people who weren’t born in a country like ours. Running water, electricity, and a bed are luxuries for many. You will never understand that until you experience it. See the harsh realities of life for many.

Remember, there is always someone who’s situation and circumstances are worse than yours.

Much love to you all! I am grateful for every soul that this message touches. I see your face and feel your energy. I appreciate all that you are.

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