Good Bye Heartbreaks Hello New Beginnings.

universal number

2016 was filled with heartbreaks. Broken relationships, sickness, and even the death of loved one were all devastating experiences for many. 2016 was a very rough year. The Universal number for 2016 was 9 in numerology cycle. Universal number represents the energy that people experience through the year. Number 9 represents completion, the end. Many of us got faced with experiences that took us to the darkest corners within. We were forced to address deepest wounds and most personal issues. It was brutal but necessary to complete the cycle in order to start new.

2017 and The New Beginnings.

Universal Number 1.


The Universal number for 2017 is number 1. Number one represents the beginning of things in life. And no matter now familiar things in your life might seam, you are on an entirely different road now. 2017 is a year of spiritual evolution and personal growth.

Number one is also about individuality. It is about rediscovering yourself and reclaiming your independence. You will need great faith in Divine and great faith in yourself in order to take appropriate action. You will need to be courageous and listen to your inner compass, your intuition. Develop a good sense of self-worth and follow your feelings. Be smart with your decisions and make sure they are what you truly want. Because this year you will set the course for the next nine years of your life. 2017 is exciting and important indeed.

Accept your past, you are the person you are today because of all those experiences. All The Good and The Bad.

The past is over, but it is extremely important to release the feelings and beliefs that are still holding you back.  Allow yourself to release 2016 and the old pain.

The new blessed and spiritually guided life has started it’s unfolding.

New You, New Life, New Beginnings.

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