Goals and their impact.


Goals are the stepping stones to our dreams. Goals are important points of measurement. With goals, we measure progress. We see the progress of our efforts. Goals allow us to recognize areas that require adjustment.

We must have goals, plans, and dreams. In our dreams lay passions, good thoughts, creativity, and most importantly growth.

Why Set Goals?

People without dreams have a hard time noticing life’s gifts. They often live mundane existences. Every day is the same and there is almost no hope for things to get better. There is no vision, no excitement, and no drive. Without dreams, we can’t recognize miracles that Universe blesses us with. Without goals, we don’t have the path to our dreams. We walk without direction and we miss multiple opportunities. We don’t know where to look, don’t know what we want or need, and therefore we pass by the doors to our dreams.

Our lives are the extant of our abilities to Dream.

Leave Some Room For Adjustment.

On the other hand, some people are obsessed with accomplishing their goals. Trapped in their tunnel vision, they forget to live. Having goals and planning for the future is terrific. But we must remember that life happens while we are planning. Life happens right now, at this moment. We must learn to be adaptable to life’s changes at any moment. Life is about the journey, not just the destination. Dream big, set the goals but don’t forget to enjoy life.

Human Journey.

goals and their impact

The human journey is to bring heaven and earth together as one. It is about dreaming, thinking, creating, and manifesting dreams into physical form. We manifest through actions, effort, movement, and work. Dreams without actions are illusions. Actions without dreams result in wasted energy. The combination of dreams and actions is the presence of God on earth. Goals are the stepping stones that allow us to come closer to our dreams one step at the time.

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