FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real


Today is Halloween and a lot of scary things are about to happen. Ghosts will be knocking on our doors and other spooky things will dominate the streets. What a perfect day to speak about FEAR!

FEAR is the biggest and most powerful emotion experienced by everyone of us. Most of us have something that we are fearful about every single day. Let’s take a moment for you to look a little deeper into what FEAR really is…

What Is Fear?

What is FEAR?  “False Evidence Appearing Real” or the Dictionary answer, “A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the thread is REAL or IMAGINED”. Both of these answers have similar meaning.

Fear – An Advisor or Jailer

We can use fear to advise us and proceed with caution or the same “FEAR” can control us and become our jailer. The choice is ours. If we accept our fear as a part of us, as one of our advisors, we can consult with it. We can ask ourselves what is really going on? Is the feeling inside us just information or are we about to experience real danger? Fear lets us know that whatever we are experiencing is unfamiliar or potentially dangerous. If we use this information as our guide, then we can make a decision based on our advisor and not a jailer. However if we allow fear to exist “unchecked” its force will dominate and imprison us. Uncontrollable FEAR will cause us to make decisions that won’t serve our higher selves and the FEAR will prevent us from experiencing the outcomes that we desire most in our lives.

Choosing Courage

Take a closer look at the areas you are most fearful in. Is there a real danger that can be harming? Is that what stops you from taking an action? Or is it a jailer talking in your head and you are living in a prison? Courage is a choice. You can leave a jail and be free if you will just “CHOOSE” wisely from a place of “LOVE” instead of “FEAR”,

Much love,

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