Fear of Change vs Regret

Starting a new direction in life, or a new chapter, or shifting your life’s perspective can be daunting and scary. Fear of the unknown can be intimidating and unsettling. But not going beyond that fear can lead to regret; the recognition that what we’ve done in life, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve accomplished, has meant very little to our soul. Realizing that the life you’ve lived was somehow squandered is more frightening than any fear or obstacle you will ever face.

Fear to Change


You dreams, hopes, and desires today are your life force. Without them you are only partially alive. Not realizing them, not making them a part of your experience because of fear will cause regrets. Regrets of not living your life fully are painful to the spirit and bring sadness into the depth of the soul. There is so much for you to do, to live, to experience, to be. Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the juice of life. Go after your heart’s desires and your biggest dreams. Make them a part of your live’s path.

Fulfillment or Regrets?

Imagine yourself in your later years, your golden years. How do you want to look back on your life? What will you be most proud of? Who will you be? That person, maybe 100 years old. Who are you? What are the qualities, the experiences that you remember the most? Are you fulfilled? Are you a happy person with a warm smile and serenity in your heart?

Or are you filled with regret and sadness, driving yourself mad trying to figure out where your life went wrong? What if you felt it was all meaningless? And now you’re Lost and out of time to make that connection to your soul.

Change can be scary, but it’s a fear you must overcome. Not changing can lead to regret, and that’s a fear you can’t afford to live with.

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