Fearful Ego Mind


Today I would like to focus on our Ego Mind and share with you some thoughts on how to align with your spirit and diminish your Fear.

We consist of three parts: our soul, body, and mind.



Our soul is who we are, the eternal part of us. It never dies and was never born. It is an energy force that takes on a different forms. Our soul is unconditional Love and Light.



The body is what we have on this physical journey. It was given to us. We are all the same in nature and structure since we were created from the same energy. However, every one of us is very different indeed.

Ego Mind

Ego Mind

The mind is the part of us that we have the most control over. The mind changes and evolves. It can be the receiver of Divine Light or the projector of Ego. Our mind created Ego. Ego is the shadow part of us where fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety and other negative emotions blossom. EGO means Edging God Out, and it’s biggest threat occurs when you attempt to become god-like.

Fear flourishes when we focus on what we don’t have, when we separate ourselves from others, when we feel guilty for our past sins.

When we are fearful in mind, we forget the Divine Truth that the Spirit is whole. It doesn’t judge or separate, ego does. ¬†Ego is human creation. Therefore, it can be changed. The more we focus on Spirit and feeding our souls with Light, the less powerful our Ego becomes and the less fearful we feel.

Whenever you are fearful, remind yourself that it isn’t you who is afraid, it is your Ego. Your Ego is afraid to be judged, afraid to be left unloved, afraid to die, afraid to be separated from what it thinks is yours. Spirit is never afraid. It doesn’t depend on anyone’s opinion. It is whole. It simply is. The Light that is your true creation.

The more time you spend congruent with your soul, in Divine Light, the more you understand the truth of the illusion of Fear that is channeled through your Ego mind.

Meditation, prayer, affirmations, and spiritual reading are all a path to retraining your Ego mind. These are the tools to connect with your soul.

Honor your spiritual practice. Make feeding your Light a top priority. Do something every day to feel closer to your soul and watch the Fear disappear.

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