Dreams Deep Dive

3 Month Expansion Program
with Alli Teague
You’ve opened your heart, created your dreams and released them into the Universe! Now what?
Now you become a vibrational match to the dreams you released. It is time to close the gap between where you are now and the dream life you have created! It is time for you to practice being open and receiving miracles and growing into the person who is truly ready for a dream life.
We know how difficult it can be to break those old patterns of belief and we want to offer you support and guidance as you begin to implement all of the new tools you've learned and start developing new habits. We are excited to offer you this specially designed program to continue to support you on your Dream journey!

Alli Teague is an expert manifestor and in this 3 month group coaching program she will take you deep into the practices of vibrational alignment, following your intuition, and reprogramming your habits to support stronger alignment.
This Course Includes:

6 Virtual Sessions

2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Book Club: A Return to Love

Weekly Activation Activities

WhatsApp Support

Virtual Sessions
October 5, 2022
October 19, 2022
November 2, 2022
November 16, 2022
November 30, 2022
December 14, 2022

All calls will begin at 11:00 am CDT
In this course, we will work together to implement the practices and skills learned in Limitless Creator - The Dreams Course. You will be introduced to even more incredible exercises that will gently guide you into the magnetism you need to attract your dreams! You will also benefit from the opportunity to ask questions specific to your dreams and hear others work through their obstacles. It will be a supportive, growth-focused community where you can safely step into the next version of yourself!