Dreams Come True. Magical Time!


Christmas Is a Magical Time Of The Year

Dreams come true on Christmas for many kids and adults. It is one of the most magical days of the year. Dreams that occupied children’s minds for months will come true. They will awake excited and run to the Christmas Tree to find their dreams being wrapped up in a beautiful foil with a bow on top. That is the magical moment, the blessing of Christmas, the moment of miracles!

Do you remember the moment when you impatiently waited for your dreams to come true? What a beautiful time that was!

Do Not Forget To Dream

I find many adults forget how to dream, they forget to ask for miracle, forget to believe in magic. People grow up and become very practical, rational and calculated with no room left for miracles to show up. People stop dreaming. People stop believing. They stop trusting in the greatness of the universe and it’s ability to provide and create miracles. They call themselves realists. Some people choose to be pessimists and don’t have high expectations of anything or anyone. That is their way to protect themselves from disappointment and hurt.

Without Dreams there is no moments of “A Dream Come True”. Without asking for a miracle there is no moments of “Wow! I can not believe this!”

This holiday season think of all the times when your dreams came true. Get excited to dream again! Dream big! Imagine an unimaginable! The most of the best! Once again become a fearless limitless child. if you never had a moment when your dreams realized this is your time to create such moment!

Ask and you shall receive! Dream and it will realize! Choose and all will unfold! Believe and see the new life!

Merry Christmas and Much Love!

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