Become a Divine Queen

A Sacred Container with Svetlana

Discover the Power of Feminine Magnetism that Lies Within You
with Svetlana Newsome
Are you tired of hustling and struggling to create what you want in life?
Do you feel called to embrace your Divine Feminine Essence?
Are you ready to spend your life with a King?
Are you ready to experience abundance?
Become a Divine Queen

A Sacred Container with Svetlana

Virtual Live Program
8-week Experience 
Join an intimate group of incredible women on this eight-week journey led by Svetlana Newsome. You will learn the traits of a Divine Queen and practice embodying them into your daily life for a truly transcendent experience.
Virtual Training
$3,333 per person 
or 3 monthly payments of $1,111
This transformative 8-week experience is designed to guide you through a level of self-growth unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
In this virtual program, you will learn how to:
-Truly forgive and release judgment of yourself and other women
-Recognize your dark feminine psyche
-Embody the traits of a Divine Queen
-Attract what you desire in your life
-Embrace your sensuality

You will also learn:
-How to set healthy boundaries
-How to practice radical self-care
-How to attract the King of your dreams
-How to building a community with sisters of light
-New meditation styles

The Become a Divine Queen program includes:
-Eight weeks of live Zoom meetings, twice weekly
-Printable workbooks for each segment of the course
-A Divine Queen gift box filled with tools to use throughout the course and beyond
-Forgiveness Workshop
-Guided Heart Meditation
Below you’ll find the March - May 2023 class dates:
Tuesday, March 7th: Introduction and Forgiveness 
Tuesday, March 14th: Healing Feminine Judgment 
Tuesday, March 21st: Addressing the Dark Feminine Psyche 
Tuesday, March 28th: Divine Feminine Essence 
Tuesday, April 4th: Traits of a Divine Queen 
Tuesday, April 11th: Body, Sensuality, and Sexuality 
Tuesday, April 25th: The Path of the Divine King 
Tuesday, May 2nd: Devotional Time with the Divine
The class will be held via Zoom, Tuesdays 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CST
Coaching Call Schedule
Below you’ll find the March - May 2023 coaching call dates:
Thursday, March 9th
Thursday, March 16th 
Thursday, March 23rd
Thursday, March 30th 
Thursday, April 6th
Thursday, April 13th 
Thursday, April 27th
Thursday, May 4th
The calls will be held via Zoom, Thursdays 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm CST
All calls are recorded.

All dates are subject to change.

Spots are limited.
$3,333 per person
or 3 monthly payments of $1,111
The Power of the Divine Queen
A Divine Queen is the most transcendent embodiment of your innate feminine essence.  Her power lies in her magnetism and her ability to create with ease.  She knows her truth and it radiates from her with every step on her path.  She works from a place of inspiration and love.  She experiences abundance in all areas of her life.
The world needs more feminine energy.  
Are you ready to embrace the Divine Queen that lies within?  
She is your birthright!
About Svetlana:
Svetlana is a Divine Light Energy Healer, spiritual leader, kundalini yoga teacher, dreams and miracles coach, mother of two amazing sons, and a wife to the greatest man Jerremy Alexander Newsome. She travels around the world and teaches her deeply healing and transcending courses.
She has a Doctorate in Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies, is a Life and Relationship Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training, and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.
She is also a certified Reiki Master, Color and Sound Healer, Lotus Healer, Inner Child Healer, Mother Child Healer, Brazilian Energization Healer, and Akashi Record Reader
This program is specifically designed to give you a tangible return on your investment.  
If you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund with our 30-Day 100% money back guarantee.