Divine Intervention.


“If you can’t make a move, Divine Energy will make one for you. So through tears and crying, you come out a free person”

Being Stuck.

Death resized

Sometimes in life, we get stuck in circumstances that break out spirit. Our soul is continually tortured, but we don’t leave. Afraid to depart from the life that doesn’t serve our highest good, we make excuses to explain our behavior. We try to rationalize our situation. We accept abuse from others, both physical and emotional. We abuse ourselves.

But eventually the pain is unbearable. Then we get down on our knees and cry out to God, “Why me? Why so much pain?”

We don’t want to live in pain any longer. We are exhausted, depressed, sad, unstable, weak, and confused.

What happens next can be devastating. Our pain gets worse before it gets better. Deep within, we are ready for change and the discomfort that change can bring. We know in our core that the outcome will be good, even if the goodness is not apparent at the time.

Divine Intervention.


Divine Intervention can be sorrowful, but it is necessary because it frees us from that old abuse, that old pain.

Recently, two of my best friends experienced Divine Intervention. I have experienced it several times in my life. An outcome always freedom and peace. The process is painful but not any more painful than the pain we become accustomed to by living in unhappy mediocracy.

My friend was informed a month back that the company she worked for was downsizing, and she was the one to go. She was furious, and she had every right to feel that way. The truth is – she stayed at that job way too long. She was planning her escape, wasting her talent, and being unhappy. Divine Intervention created circumstances to push her out the door. Today she is happier than ever. She has a new amazing job, and her pain is gone.


My other friend was in an abusive relationship. I don’t know a more evil man than the one who is the father of her children. She is such a loving, accepting, and caring woman. She is an angel on earth. And he broke her wings, made her life a living Hell, and had her believing that she was worthless. She cried and prayed ¬†night after night to gain the strength to leave. Time was passing and she was still in that toxic relationship. Divine Intervened and got him out of her life. He was arrested and is now imprisoned for years for something that had nothing to do with her. Today, a day year later, she is in a sensational relationship with a man who worships her, loves her kids as his own, and has been a great role model for all of her family.

Whenever you feel stuck, broken, confused, or unable to move forward, turn to Divine. Ask God, Angels, Universe to help you. The Divine will intervene. It will free you so you can make new decisions and create a blissful life for yourself. 

Much Love,


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