Dimensions and Reality

Are there other Dimensions? Is there life beyond what we know? Just like the fish live in the ocean; so does a man live in this world!  A fish can only see what surrounds them under the water, just as a man can only see the world surrounding him on Earth. What is real to our physical senses creates our reality, but is there more ?


Spiritual Conversations About Dimensions and This World’s Reality

Last week I had several spiritual conversations with some friends.  I’m blessed to have amazing people in my life who are very different and yet so incredibly beautiful.  I found it very interesting that no matter how we were raised or what we believed in; each one of us had a deeply spiritual experience at some point in our lives.  My deeply religious girlfriend, who was raised in the Catholic Faith had Holy Mary appear in front of her in a very young age more than once.  Another dear friend died in a car accident, yet observed her body being put together while listening to doctors conversations.  She was right there watching the whole time with her aunt who had transitioned to the other side many years before.  They were both surrounded in a white light experiencing complete calmness and peace.  My good friend, who has been a “non-believer” his whole life, very recently experienced leaving this dimension.  I love listening to these stories. Unfortunately when we share the truth we now know with others, we are perceived as crazy and our message is completely disregarded.


The Story Of Fish:

Imagine being a fish, a beautiful little fish swimming in the ocean. You see other fish, plants, coral and all the underwater landscape which is marvelous.  You see a light coming through the top of the ocean, but this is all you know.  You have no idea that there are people, animals, continents, planets and stars. All you know is what you can see, your reality is all under the water, nothing else.  It is the same for us as human beings, all we can see is a 3D world.  We are limited by our own reality and we have no idea about the life beyond human perception limited to our 5 senses.  However the other dimension is right there at the edge of our perception, just as our world is real but at the edge of the perception for fish.

Shaman, Medium

Mediums, Shamans, and People Who See:

There are many people on this planet who see, hear, or know things beyond our 3D reality.  They aren’t crazy!  They are beyond intelligent.  We all had these abilities at birth, but most of us have shut it down for one reason or another.  Some of us actually remember the moment when they’ve chosen to shut it forever and still some others don’t.  There is a lot more to life than what we are able to perceive with our 5 senses.  There are other dimensions, there are angels, entities, spirits, and more.

Whatever your experience was, it was real. Own it!  Don’t be afraid of it or afraid to celebrate it because you’ve been shown the truth.  If you are being called to share your deeply spiritual truth we want to hear it, please don’t let your knowledge die unshared!

Much Love to You,


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