You Are The Creator

Creator is within You

You are at the bottom of a mountain looking up. You want to be at the top. Whatever that top represents to you, it’s your top, your mountain, your journey. If someone were to put you on top of that mountain right now, you may likely faint. You don’t have enough oxygen to breathe, so you collapse, you feel nauseous like you might lose consciousness. You just aren’t prepared for the altitude, the loftiness. If you were simply placed on top of that mountain, you would miss the biggest gift of life. The gift of the journey to your personal growth, the gift of your soul’s expansion. It’s a gift that only you can give yourself. The gift of personal creation. When you look back from your journey up the mountain, you don’t want to just see pristine and untouched roads that lead to the top. Roads that were meant to be walked on by you. Snow without footprints. You want to see your voyage, your passage, and the scenery that you painted every step of the way.

If you decide to walk this path, the trek won’t be easy. On your quest, you’ll meet a variety of animals, predators, and pests. You’ll face snow storms, torrential rains, and oppressive heat. You may be blown off course by gale force winds. But along the way, you’ll also see butterflies, enjoy the fragrance of flowers, bask in the warmth of the sun, and enjoy the beauty of the world. You’ll confront fear more often than you can imagine and learn to battle those fears. Little by little, step by step, you’ll become … more. More experienced, more courageous, more free, more beautiful, and more expansive. You’ll create a ripple effect with every step that can be heard many miles away. The energy that you radiate will touch the world’s consciousness forever.

Some people will scream for you to come back. “The road is too dangerous! The expedition is too hard!”, they’ll say.

But you know that there is no way back. This is your journey, your purpose, your mission. This is your life. When you’re at the bottom of the mountain, surrounded by all those people, the journey looks safe. But you know that safe will never fill your heart with joy. You have no other choice but to continue Your Journey. The journey of your life. From the bottom to the top.


And now, when you are on the top of your mountain, all those people who tried to save you from the dangers of the journey, from the hunger and deprivation by urging you to turn around, are inspired to climb their own mountains. They’re inspired to share their missions and leave their footprints. And you are there, looking back with joy at the beautiful scenery that you created through facing your fears and discovering the magnitude of your soul. The painting of your life is your gift to this world. The gift you were meant to share.

You are the creator. The creator of Your Life!

Much Love!


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