Conscious Creators Collective

Number One Manifesting Mastermind
A Mastermind for those who are ready to commit to their Dream Life
In a single year, you could create a life of miracles.
You could be an energetic match for your dreams.
But the universe only gives you what you believe you are worthy of receiving, and so the question is do you know how to stay open?
If you are clear on your vision and it's not in your NOW, it’s being blocked by resistance and it's time for an energetic shift.
It’s time for you to rise to the vibration of your desires, to hold the belief in your limitless potential until it becomes your reality, to become the Conscious Creator of your life, each and every day.
Are you ready to live the life of your dreams now?
This year, we are creating an experience that will be unlike any other. We are opening the doors to 23 people to join us in Conscious Creators Collective, a private mastermind experience where the Divine meets the World. Where you will be extended into your light. Through sacred knowledge, energy, mind work and practical applications you will become your highest self.
One year of intuitive leadership.
One year of divine relationships.
One year of breakthroughs.
One year of mastering the life of miracles.

Now you get to ask yourself, will you be the one to say yes to making your dreams a reality?
Conscious Creators Collective
Spots are Limited!
What's Included:

Virtual group meetings twice monthly
Three 1:1 coaching sessions with Svetlana
Three 1:1 coaching sessions with Jerremy
The Dreams Course - New Years Edition
Divine King/Queen Course
Newsome Retreat in Nashville, TN
WhatsApp Support
Claim 2023 as your year of transformation. Say yes to creating a life of your dreams, and know that the time is NOW! Elevate your consciousness and elevate your life experience.
If You are in the search of a fun, new and thrilling awakening regarding your finances, your money along with  the abundance and freedom we all seek in life
You are in the right spot!

Freedom is my paradise! I help my clients make the proper tweaks in their mindset, their heartset and their bank account to receive all they cherish! 

I will elevate your money so that you can impact the people, the causes and the communities that you have always yearned to help.
Svetlana Newsome is a healer of the World Leaders. Once a widow that was lost in grief today she teaches the way of miracles.
Through her healing practices, forgiveness work, and transformational courses she inspires people to create a beautiful life. A life beyond their wildest dreams.
The Light Freedom Become a Divine Queen
Let's Make 2023 the Year of your Dreams